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  • Still Life

    Still Life

    This vintage photograph includes textured treatment of an analog camera resting on a couch cushion among plants. It’s now available in the following galleries on a variety of prints, gifts and apparel:

  • City Collage

    City Collage

    Enjoy this grunge style photographic collage of an industrial structure, graffiti, a concrete window frame and a taxi on the street. You can discover a variety of product options to enjoy when you visit my shop.

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  • Design Samples – Vol. 13

    Pop Art Camera Lenses

  • Cumberland Falls

    Located near Corbin, Kentucky, Cumberland Falls is known as the Niagara of The South, standing 60-feet tall at a width of 120-feet.

  • Vintage Film Negative

    Vintage Film Negative

    Prints available. This film negative was shot in the mid-1990’s and features a railroad trestle spanning across the Dead River ravine, north of Marquette, in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Planet of The Apes

    Planet of The Apes

    Taking a break from painting walls and preparing a floor for resurfacing, I shot this photograph to pass the time – a video tape of the original “Planet of The Apes”.

  • Another Black Bear Video

    Another Black Bear Video

    Last August, while hiking at the Pogue Creek Canyon State Natural Area

    Please read: Part One – Close Encounter With Bears

    🐻 Part Two – Another Black Bear Video

    Fortunately, the bear appeared preoccupied with his search for lunch, shifting rocks in the stream to dislodge potential sources of food. I stood behind trees, when possible, watching the bear move further away as I cautiously followed.

    At a switchback in the trail, I paused to record this video with the zoom feature on my camera. Although the stream was generally quite shallow, the bear found a deeper pool in which to relax and keep cool:

    Near the end of the video, you’ll observe (as I did) that the bear elevates his nose, sniffing in the air to identify an odor of my presence. At this point, the trail changed direction, and so did I – uphill and away!

    Footnote: I didn’t realize it at the time, but, if you turn up the volume on the video – and, the volume on your computer/device – you’ll hear the bear grunt as he detects my scent – yikes!!!

    If you like the header-image (above), it’s based on a photograph I took that day while hiking. A larger size is available on prints (and more) in my galleries at Pixels and/or Fine Art America. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Video Tapes Abstract

    Video Tapes Abstract

    Working with a photograph of several video tapes, I combined layers, blend modes, textures and other effects to create this fun graphic. Without a VCR, I’ve repurposed these cassettes through design, which is now available in my galleries at Society 6 and Pixels.

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  • Pop Art VCR Tapes

    Pop Art VCR Tapes

    This colorful pop art graphic design features a flash from the past – VCR tapes. Stop by my gallery at Pixels to see more in a variety of categories, including: wall art, home decor, lifestyle, beach, greeting cards, stationary, phone cases, apparel & coffee mugs.