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  • 1970’s Pop Art Beauty

    1970’s Pop Art Beauty

    Enjoy this retro pop art graphic design featuring a cute young woman from the 1970’s, with vibrant colors and texture. Check out my gallery at Fine Art America for more – many print types to select!

  • Woman Walking In Winter

    Woman Walking In Winter

    Based on a photograph from unsplash.com, this digital artwork features a woman walking in winter surroundings. I’ve added it to my gallery at Fine Art America, where a wide variety of customizable print options are available – such as: framed, canvas, art, wood, metal and acrylic. Stop by for a visit to see more…

  • Carved Wood Bust of Caribbean Woman

    Carved Wood Bust of Caribbean Woman

    This image is based on a photograph of a carved wood bust of a caribbean woman, acquired in the 1970’s in the British Virgin Islands. I used Adobe Photoshop and Filter Forge for modifications – now, available in my gallery at Fine Art America.

  • Lady And The Sun

    Lady And The Sun

    Enjoy this graphic design featuring an attractive woman shielding herself from the bright sunshine by using a colorful scarf as cover. This image is available on a variety of different prints (and more) in my gallery at Fine Art America.

  • Framed Print of African Woman

    Framed Print of African Woman


    Enjoy this framed print, featuring a creative collage with the bust of an African woman and an ocean sunset in the background. Make this your own by customizing the following options: size, frame, mat, paper and finish.