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  • Poem


    Burgeoning accounts of unsecured classified documents connected to President Joseph Biden – as well as during his tenure as Vice President, and Senator – are both in the news and under Congressional investigation. And, now in a poem…

    After secrets spilled you sought to douse the light
    To change the day to night
    Documents covered-up
    Now that truth is known, you hide at home afraid
    Each knock feels like a raid
    Questions keep piling up
       Stop your lyin', Biden
       It's all so plain to see
       Every time you act dishonestly
    Move your Vette to get the boxes from behind
    You must think that we're blind
    - this ain't no honeymoon
    Just sit still and let the officers proceed
    You've got more than you need
    Hard times are coming soon
       Classified, you're hidin'
       Nobody trusts you now 
       Playing both sides, Ukraine and Moscow 

    © 2023 Phil Perkins

    PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from

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  • Digital City

    Digital City

    This hi-tech city may exist on the motherboard of a computer, in a future time, or perhaps somewhere on another world. And, what is that orange sphere? In consideration of such mysteries, reasonable advice may include visiting my shops at Redbubble, Pixels, Society 6, ArtPal and Tee Public. Thanks!

  • Poem in Response

    Poem in Response

    After reading “Burn Brightly” by the talented and lovely Arizonian poetess, Michele Lee Sefton – wherein her inspirational poetic prose speaks to self-confidence, aspirations, and to make hay while the sun shines – I wrote this short poem…

    She arose, this desert rose
    As the sun in silhouette
    Bridging space with song, in dance
    Center stage, without regret

    © 2022 Phil Perkins

    PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from

    “Listen to the Music” – by The Doobie Brothers (1972) / see lyrics

  • Famous Saying

    Famous Saying

    Born in 1896 and 1909, my grandfathers were hard-working farmers, and, in my youth, each shared with me the following famous saying…one of my favorites!

    “A farting horse never tires. A man that farts is the man to hire.”

    PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from

  • Cheoah River Dam

    Cheoah River Dam

    Here’s another photograph of the Cheoah River Dam, located in Robbinsville, North Carolina. It was constructed between 1916-1919, stands 225-feet tall, and, in 1993, was used as a filming location for the movie, The Fugitive (starring Harrison Ford). Today, it can be enjoyed on a variety of fine prints and other gift items, available in my galleries at Pixels & Redbubble. Thanks!

  • Cheoah Dam

    Cheoah Dam

    Completed in 1919 and standing 225-feet tall, this black and white photograph of the historic Cheoah Dam was taken in Robbinsville, North Carolina. You can find many fine prints and more when you visit the following galleries:

    Trivia: this dam was included in the 1993 movie, The Fugitive (Harrison Ford).

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  • Hi Tech Abstract

    Hi Tech Abstract

    Golden rays of energy reflect through light in this digital artwork of an advanced technological machine. I used Bryce and Affinity Photo software to create this interesting design, which you can discover on a variety of futuristic products in the following shops:

  • Pop Art Music

    For many folks, it doesn’t seem that long ago that cassette tapes were the principal means through which to enjoy listening to music. Wait a minute…how old am I? Ok, it was a while back. Nevertheless, you may enjoy this colorful pop art rendition of an audio cassette, shown here as a before & after. To create this design, I used my imagination, a free photograph found at, Affinity Photo and Filter Forge.

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  • Haiku: Moonlight

    Haiku: Moonlight

    Moonlight stirs natures spirit
    In waves on the sand

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

    PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from

  • Hiking Quote

    Keep close to Nature’s heart…and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.

    John Muir

  • Abstract Electrical Storm

    Abstract Electrical Storm

    This contemporary abstract artwork might be just what you’re looking for – at home, work, in a business lobby, hospital or cafeteria setting. You can visit my shop and decorate your walls with a variety of prints: framed, canvas, art, post, metal, acrylic, wood or tapestry.

  • Rapids On Little River

    Rapids On Little River

    This photograph of white water rapids was taken on Little River, in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, near the city of Townsend. If you’d like to decorate a wall in your home, office, business lobby or cafeteria setting, then please visit my shop. You’ll discover a variety of different print types available to suit your wishes, and customization options are also available to make it your own!

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  • Mysterious Golden Orb

    Mysterious Golden Orb

    Deep under the surface of the moon, a mysterious and glowing golden orb is situated within an unusual metallic structure. How did it get there? Many prints and more are available in my shops at: Pixels, ArtPal, ArtFlakes & Society 6. Hope to see you soon…

  • Mysterious Structure At Sea

    Mysterious Structure At Sea

    Under a cloud-covered sky of stars, a mysterious structure at sea emits a glowing blue light into the night – a beacon to those wishing to discover fun items available in my galleries at Pixels and Redbubble.

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  • Waves of Time

    Waves of Time

    Enjoy this ocean scenery of waves crashing into a rocky shoreline. Based on a photograph with added effects for a vintage quality. Please visit my gallery at Fine Art America for more…