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  • Side Waterfall

    Side Waterfall

    After visiting Potter’s Falls, I drove 20-minutes to the Frozen Head State Park, where I hiked 1.5 miles out and back to Debord Falls. Along the trail, which parallels Emory Gap Branch, several smaller waterfalls were present, given recent rainfall, including as featured in this photograph. You can see prints available in my gallery. Thanks!

  • Debord Falls At Frozen Head

    Debord Falls At Frozen Head

    Located in the Frozen Head State Park near Wartburg, Tennessee, Debord Falls stands 12-feet tall and is an easy hike of 1.5 miles out and back, along the Emory Gap Branch.

    The trailhead is located at the end of the park, where the road stops at a parking area. You’ll find an informational placard which details a plethora of local flowers, and restrooms are available at the visitor center along the drive.

    While it’s no surprise that I’ve discovered most waterfalls in Tennessee depend on rainfall to bolster water flow, guests may want to plan their visit in accordance with current weather conditions – many falls can be dry during summer months.


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