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  • Hi Tech Abstract

    Hi Tech Abstract

    Golden rays of energy reflect through light in this digital artwork of an advanced technological machine. I used Bryce and Affinity Photo software to create this interesting design, which you can discover on a variety of futuristic products in the following shops:

  • Tempus Fugit

    Time Flies

    If ever a working time machine is invented, I hope that it looks like this!

    Whether having fun, like it or not, time marches on. So, too, does the calendar change with time – and, before you know it, the holidays are here.

    If you’re looking for an interesting gift to give to family, friends, or perhaps something for yourself, I encourage you to visit the following galleries:

    There’s no time like the present!

  • Brass Rings

    Metallic Machine

    The purpose of this interesting technological contraption remains a mysterious. However, whatever it is, it’s certainly cool and also available on a variety of fine gift and apparel items, here:

    Redbubble and Pixels

  • Abstract Automation

    Abstract Automation

    This creative abstract digital design is my rendition of an imaginary, automated mechanical apparatus with balance and geometry at its core. I’m not sure what it does, but it’s probably safe – just don’t press the red button!

    However, do visit my shops for some cool products…

  • Mechanical Contraption

    Abstract Typewriter

    This symmetrical mechanical device serves the sole purpose of visual interest. Please do not attempt to use it for your term paper or other print-related intentions. Do enjoy it, however, on a variety of gifts:

  • Mechanical Abstract

    Mechanical Abstract

    This abstract digital imagery of a mysterious mechanical apparatus – car engine, refrigerator, toaster? – is available on a variety of items in the following shops: Pixels, Society 6 and Redbubble. Check it out…

  • Vintage Metal Carpentry Devices

    Vintage Metal Carpentry Devices

    This close-up photography features four very old metal carpentry devices, used to create a strong edge on wooden planks as part of a support structure. You can add this picture to a wall in your home or place of work by visiting my gallery at Fine Art America – select from several print types, with customization options.