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  • Poem in Response

    Poem in Response

    Having read “Loved Like Roses“, written by the beautiful Holly Hunter, a very talented poetess and friend hailing from The Sunshine State – wherein love is nurtured and flourishes in a summer garden – I was inspired to write this poem in response…

    Flowing curves, under pen
    Laced of ink rippling wet
    Words converge, fresh with love
    Roses bloom in duet

    © 2023 Phil Perkins

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    Melissa, by The Allman Brothers Band (1972) – see lyrics here.

  • Poem of Sharing

    Poem of Sharing

    Following correspondence with a dear friend and frequent source of inspiration – Carla Milho, a lovely lady and talented writer hailing from Lisbon, Portugal – I wrote this poem…

    Hearts in Hands of Time

    A locket lost in the sands of time
    On a beach, on a date, long ago
    As lovers captured a setting sun
    Holding hands, moving close, hearts aglow

    In the years since passed
    Now, a quiet life
    With the fire kept warm, alive

    Down memory lane
    As husband and wife
    Still in love, on a moonlight drive

    In the twilight between dusk and dawn
    Step by step, tracking prints, shifting sand
    Reflections on gold, one summer night
    Found again, on the beach, hand in hand

    © 2022 Phil Perkins

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  • St. Valentine’s Day 2022

    St. Valentine’s Day 2022

    My digital design is based on a free photograph from

  • Poem: She Placed a Star

    Poem: She Placed a Star

    I wrote this poem for a friend who is a frequent source of inspiration, Mukti Masih – a published poetess, freelance writer and beautiful woman from India…

    I watched as she placed a star in the night sky
    Fixed by her gentle touch, as though meant to be
    Brilliantly aglow in its constellation
    Within my heart, I have a space for Mukti

    I read her verse
    A birthday gift
    The words rang true, indeed

    If I may ask
    Just one more time
    I’ll listen and pay heed

    Please hear my call
    Through prayer today
    Desires of the heart

    To find a way
    And bridge the gap
    Together, make a start

    Eternity so long, when love lives alone
    Like an empty house, with one room but no phone

    Longing for her voice
    As the day draws near
    Both hands, hand-in-hand
    Our path ahead clear

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

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