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  • Black and White Waterfall

    Black and white photograph of Eagle Falls in Kentucky

    More specifically, this is Eagle Falls, a 30-foot tall waterfall located along the Cumberland River in Kentucky, near Corbin. It can also be found quite easily by visiting my galleries at Pixels and/or ArtPal, where you’ll discover an assortment of wonderful prints available to enjoy at home or work.

  • Black and White Reflections

    Sunlight crests an adjacent mountain top to reveal the canopied base of Eagle Falls, located next to the Cumberland River, in Kentucky. You can discover great prints and more when you visit my galleries at Pixels and Redbubble. Hope to see you soon!

  • Eagle Falls

    Eagle Falls

    Located in Corbin, Kentucky, the 30-foot tall Eagle Falls meanders through large rocks to feed into the Cumberland River. Along the 1.5 mile trail from the parking area, hikers can also enjoy elevated views of the “Niagara of The South” – Cumberland Falls.

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  • Cumberland Falls

    Cumberland Falls

    This is Cumberland Falls, as photographed this passed December. Nicknamed the “Niagara of the South”, it stands 60-feet tall by 125-feet wide and carries the Cumberland River through Corbin, Kentucky. Prints and other gifts are available in my galleries at Pixels and Redbubble, so stop by when you’re in the neighborhood. Thanks!

  • Sixty Feet of Thunder

    Sixty Feet of Thunder

    Referred to as the Niagara of the South at 60-feet tall by 125-feet wide, Cumberland Falls carries a substantial volume of water – the Cumberland River – which echoes loudly throughout the gorge. You can find prints and more in the following galleries:

  • Water Through Rocks

    Water Through Rocks

    This is Eagle Falls. Like other waterfalls, it erodes solid rock behind, under and ahead of its flow. You can often walk behind falls, wade or swim in deep plunge pools below falls, or crudely anticipate direction of future flows. And, of course, you may simply sit to rest and enjoy the beauty of waterfalls – in person, or at home. Visit my galleries at Pixels and Redbubble to discover some wonderful prints for your home, office, or anywhere, as well as many other product options!

  • Eagle Falls

    Eagle Falls

    The picturesque Eagle Falls stands 30-feet tall and is located at the 1.5 mile marker on a trail across the river from Cumberland Falls. However, you don’t have to travel to Corbin, Kentucky, to enjoy this waterfall. Rather, visit my galleries online at Pixels, ArtFlakes or ArtPal to purchase a print for your home or office…

  • Watch Your Step

    These photographs feature steps at Cumberland Falls and along the trail to Eagle Falls, in Corbin, Kentucky. Each is available on a variety of different print types, including: framed, canvas, art, metal, wood, poster, acrylic and tapestry. Framed prints may also be customized to suit your interests. Other items, too.

  • Return to Cumberland Falls

    In addition to being the only location in the Western Hemisphere featuring a “Moonbow”, Cumberland Falls (also known as, The Niagara of the South) stands 60-feet tall by 125-feet wide.

    A popular tourist destination located in Corbin, Kentucky, the waterfall can be viewed from several observation areas at the park, as well as from the Eagle Falls Trail – across the Cumberland River.

    These are some photographs from my recent visit. Many different types of prints are available in my gallery, including: framed, canvas, art, metal, poster, wood, acrylic and tapestry. So, stop by today and find something nice for a wall in your home or office!


  • Return to Eagle Falls

    Located along the Cumberland River in Corbin, Kentucky, the scenic Eagle Falls stands 30-feet tall. The trail is relatively short – rated as moderate with several changes in elevation and some rocky areas – and certainly well worth the effort!

    Parking is limited so it’s best to visit during the weekdays, if possible, or arrive early on the weekend. There are no restrooms on site, though such is available immediately across the river at the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park – home of the impressive Cumberland Falls, also known as “The Niagara of the South”.

    Prints are available in my gallery – framed, canvas, metal, art, poster, wood, acrylic and tapestry. Plus, more…

    Here is Eagle Falls. Fed from Brummett Branch, water drains into the Cumberland River through several large boulders. Along the hike you’ll also encounter what are probably the best views of Cumberland Falls – see video below.

    Here are a few shots from the trail. The third shot was photographed from across the Cumberland River, in which, if you look closely, you’ll see the wooden railing along the hiking trail to Eagle Falls.


    Note: if you have a fear of heights, then you may not want to watch this video. At the end, it reveals Cumberland Falls – more on that later.

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  • Cumberland Falls

    Mountain Perspective

    Known as the “Niagara of The South”, this view of the picturesque 60-foot tall Cumberland Falls was photographed across the Cumberland River while hiking on a trail to Eagle Falls. You can enjoy a print at home when you visit my gallery to purchase one of many different print types available, or check out my shop at Society 6. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Cumberland Falls

    Cumberland Falls

    Prints available. Known as the “Niagara of The South”, Cumberland Falls stands 60-feel tall and spans 125-feet across the Cumberland River, in Corbin, Kentucky. This particular summertime photograph was taken across the river on a trail, while hiking to Eagle Falls.

  • Cumberland Falls

    Scenic Overlook

    Prints available. Known as the “Niagara of The South”, Cumberland Falls stands 60-feet tall by 125-feet wide, and creates a thunderous echo throughout the gorge, as it accommodates the Cumberland River. This particular shot was taken from an elevated trail across the river, when I was hiking to Eagle Falls.

  • Cumberland Falls

    Niagara of The South

    Prints available. At 125-feet wide, the Cumberland River drops 60-feet over Cumberland Falls, also known as the Niagara of The South. Located near Corbin, Kentucky, this popular tourist destination features several scenic overlooks, restrooms and a gift shop, with a thunderous echo of falling water heard throughout the gorge. It’s also the only location in the Western Hemisphere to have a “Moonbow”. In addition, there’s an excellent hiking trail to Eagle Falls, just across the river – a must see if you enjoy hiking!

  • Cumberland Falls

    Located near Corbin, Kentucky, Cumberland Falls is known as the Niagara of The South, standing 60-feet tall at a width of 120-feet.