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  • Zombies of the Desert

    Zombies of the Desert

    Zombies of the Desert prints, gifts & apparel items are available in these shops:

    So, where exactly did these Zombies come from?

    In 2006, I was visiting Marquette – in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan – and took a photograph (below) of a flagstone wall which I climbed in my youth. I later used pieces from this picture to create this character.

  • Beach of Shells

    Beach of Shells

    Step into a sunny and surreal scene at the beach, as you enjoy my digital landscape artwork of two gargantuan shells – possibly, prehistoric fossils. Or, not. Nevertheless, you can discover some really cool products (gifts, apparel, prints, etc.) available through these galleries:

  • Three Eyes

    Three Eyes

    Happy Halloween

    With halloween just around the corner, I thought I’d add this new science fiction digital artwork to my galleries. Have fun trick-or-treating and remember, three eyes are better than two – unless they’re all watching you! Haha 🎃 You can discover great stuff in these shops:

  • Rhinoceros Giraffe Elephant

    Elephant Giraffe Rhinoceros

    A dusty, parched landscape and blistering hot sun has this elephant, giraffe and rhinoceros on the move, searching for a drink of water. See prints and more in my shops at Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels. Thanks!

  • Sea Monsters

    Sea Monsters

    Quietly lurking in the dark ocean waters of a desolate, alien world, two hungry sea monsters scavenge a shallow lagoon in search of a meal.

    If you’re hungry to see more, visit my shops at RedbubbleSociety 6 and Pixels. You won’t find any fish, just some cool products & great gift giving ideas…and, please – stay out of the water!

  • Three Dimensional Skulls Pattern

    Three Dimensional Skulls Pattern

    Available on many products in my shops at Redbubble and Society 6, this three dimensional pattern design features many skulls hidden in the reflections. Look closely to see the faces…

  • Creatures of Sand

    Creatures of Sand

    With mild embellishments, this macro photography of two pieces of carved sandstone resemble the faces of creatures of sand. Well, somewhat. Anyway, this image is now available in my gallery at Fine Art America. Please stop by for a visit to see more.