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  • Metallic Reflections

    This copper-colored, metallic three dimensional structure with a macro perspective is based on a fractal image, and was designed using Bryce and Affinity Photo creative software. You can discover many great gift-giving ideas when you visit the following shops… Society 6 Pixels Redbubble

  • Abstract Macro Fractal

    I created this digital artwork using Bryce and Affinity Photo creative software. It’s based on a fractal design, which was imported as a black and white jpeg into three dimensional space. That’s when the fun begins. Now, it’s available on many products in my shops at Redbubble and Pixels. So, stop by and find something […]

  • Tempus Fugit

    Time Flies If ever a working time machine is invented, I hope that it looks like this! Whether having fun, like it or not, time marches on. So, too, does the calendar change with time – and, before you know it, the holidays are here. If you’re looking for an interesting gift to give to […]

  • 3D Reflections

  • Copper Mountain

    Fantasy Landscape I created this interesting digital artwork using Bryce software. Now, it’s available on a variety of gift and apparel items in my online shops at Society 6 and Pixels. Check it out!!!

  • Nautilus Fractal Design

    Nautilus Fractal Design

    This interesting nautilus shell fractal design is available on a variety of fine products in my shop at Redbubble. Stop by for a visit to discover great gift giving ideas in categories such as clothing, kids & babies, phone cases, stickers, wall art, home & living, stationary and accessories.

  • Melting Copper Abstract

    Melting Copper Abstract

    Enjoy this creative and chaotic digital artwork, featuring a color palette of copper, blue and green, with and abstract melting effect. Available products may be seen in these shops: Redbubble Society 6 Pixels

  • Abstract Sci Fi Surface

    Abstract Sci Fi Surface

    This abstract digital design features a copper-toned three dimensional surface, perhaps akin to the scaly-skin of an alien? It’s available on a variety of items in my shop at Society 6. Here are a few examples:

  • Gold Pattern Samsung Phone Cases

    Gold Pattern Samsung Phone Cases

    This abstract pattern design in hues of gold and black is available on a variety of different Samsung phone models, in these styles – tough, snap & soft. See more.

  • Bands of Bronze Abstract

    Bands of Bronze Abstract

    Enjoy this abstract digital artwork featuring a structure of reflective bands of bronze metal. Guests can visit my gallery at Pixels to select a print for the home and/or office! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Abstract Geometric Framed Print

    Abstract Geometric Framed Print

    Customize this new geometric artwork as decoration for a wall in your home or office! Available in three sizes, two frame styles, four frame colors & three mat colors. Features premium perspex – clearer and lighter than glass. Enjoy!

  • Copper And Green Kaleidoscope

    Copper And Green Kaleidoscope

    Enjoy this symmetrical pattern design – much like a kaleidoscope – in shades of copper and green. Please visit my galleries at Pixels and/or Zazzle to ponder a plethora of items available!

  • Abstract Geometric Pattern

    Abstract Geometric Pattern

    This abstract graphic design is based on a digital collage, and molds chaotic geometric shapes into an ordered pattern. I’ve added it to my gallery at Redbubble, where a variety of items are available – including these examples:

  • Vintage Grate

    Vintage Grate

    I came across this interesting vintage grate in the window of a building on the campus of the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor. Many print types are available in my gallery at Fine Art America. Stop by for a visit!

  • Copper And Green Throw Blanket

    Copper And Green Throw Blanket

      Made of 100% polyester and sherpa fleece, this abstract copper and green throw blanket may be the softest blanket on the planet and would look great on your couch. Available in three sizes with artwork on one side, it can be machine washed separately with cold water on gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low […]

  • Retro 3D Reflections

    Retro 3D Reflections

    This retro image was created using Adobe Photoshop and Bryce – wherein a geometric graphic design was imported into three dimensional space to create structural depth, then back into Photoshop for finishing work. Many different and terrific items feature this design and are available in the following galleries: Pixels, Society 6 and Redbubble. Enjoy!

  • Sand And Water

    Sand And Water

    This digital artwork is a stylized collage designed using two photographs of, you guessed it, sand and water. The ripples in the sand were shot at low tide, following the receding waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The copper color compliments the structural formations in the sand and would make a marvelous addition to any wall, […]