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  • Terraced Water

    Cummins Falls. Cookeville, Tennessee. Prints available in my gallery. Thank you!

  • Cummins Falls

    Cummins Falls

    Located on the Cumberland Plateau near Cookeville, Tennessee, the 75-foot tall Cummins Falls draws visitors from far and wide. Annually, it accounts for the 8th largest volume of water for a waterfall in the state, and much of the trail used to access the base is the riverbed. Also, inexpensive permits are required to enter the gorge.

  • Cummins Falls

    Cummins Falls

    Located near Cookeville, Tennessee, the Cummins Falls State Park features a 75-foot tall waterfall that carries the eighth largest volume of water in the state, annually. Visitors will get their feet wet hiking to visit this picturesque sight, and it’s definitely worth the trek.

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  • Cummins Falls

    Cummins Falls

    This photograph features a partial view of Cummins Falls, located in Cookeville, Tennessee. On the Cumberland Plateau, the gorge which houses this waterfall is mammoth and the trail to the base requires hikers to wade through the river on a few occasions.

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  • Step by Step

    Step by Step

    Terraced ledges channel flowing water from the 75-foot tall Cummins Falls. Located on the Blackburn Fork River in Cookeville, Tennessee, you can enjoy this natural setting in a frame on a wall when you visit these shops: Pixels, Redbubble and/or ArtFlakes. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Rocky Gorge

    Rocky Gorge

    Featuring Cummins Falls, this landscape photograph is somewhat deceiving (based on scale). What I mean is that the waterfall is actually 75-feet tall, and the plunge pool at the base extends forward a similar distance. Also, the larger slabs of rock strewn about are typically 10-feet wide.

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  • Scenic Waterfall

    Cummins Falls. Seventy-five feet tall. Cookeville, TN. Prints available.

  • Cummins Falls

    Standing 75-feet tall and carrying the eighth largest volume of water in the state of Tennessee, this waterfall at the Cummins Falls State Park is a picturesque travel destination located in Cookeville.

    Inexpensive permits are required to enter the gorge, where a 2.4 mile out and back trail along the Blackburn Fork River offers scenic landscape views. There are two river crossings, so hikers should expect to get wet. Alternatively, visitors may opt to enjoy an elevated view of the falls from an observation platform, without fee.

    Prone to flash flooding, children twelve & under must be accompanied by an adult, as well as wear a life jacket while at the falls or swimming. In case of emergency, signs are posted which indicate safe levels during a flood, and there is also an evacuation route.

    Despite seasonally low water levels and very cold water, yesterday, the area is nevertheless beautiful and certainly worth a visit if you’re in the neighborhood. Facilities include restrooms and a gift shop, and dogs are welcome.


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  • Cummins Falls

    Cummins Falls State Park is located near Cookeville, Tennessee, and features a 75-foot waterfall that carries the eighth largest volume of water in the state. Visitors must obtain an inexpensive permit to enter the gorge. It’s a 3 mile out and back hike, where much of the trail is through the river. You can discover prints and more available in my galleries at Pixels and Redbubble. Thanks for stopping by!

  • City Lake Falls

    Cascading Stream

    Located in Cookeville, Tennessee, City Lake Falls provides easy access and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s a 1/2 mile hike out and back along a mostly paved surface in the forest, and features a wooden observation deck.

    This photograph was taken downstream.

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  • City Lake Falls

    Cookeville, Tennessee

    This beautiful small waterfall can be enjoyed by taking Exit 290 on I-40, and hiking less than 1/2 mile into the forest from the parking area. Or, you could enjoy nature on a wall in your home or office – select from framed, canvas, art, metal, poster, wood, acrylic and tapestry…

  • City Lake Reflections

    City Lake Reflections

    Prints are available for your home or workplace! With the exception of two turtles resting on a deadhead log, this fisherman has the lake to himself. This is City Lake, located in Cookeville, Tennessee.

  • Black And White Creek Bed

    Black And White Creek Bed

    Prints available. Black and white photograph featuring dappled light in a dry creek bed at the Window Cliffs State Natural Area, located south of Cookeville, Tennessee.

  • Window Cliffs Waterfall

    Window Cliffs Waterfall

    Standing 20-feet tall and located on Caney Creek in the Window Cliffs State Natural Area, this picturesque waterfall would make a fine addition to an empty wall space in your home. There are a variety of prints to choose from – you can visit my gallery to see more. Other gift and apparel items are also available in my shop at Redbubble.

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  • Caney Creek

    Hike To Window Cliffs

    One of several areas where hikers are required to cross moving water, Caney Creek winds along the trail to Window Cliffs. If you’d be interested in my photography on a wall at home…