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  • Poem in Response

    Poem in Response

    Holly Hunter is a very talented poetess, beautiful woman and dear friend hailing from Florida, and I encourage you to visit her web siteHouse of Heart, to enjoy her creative writings.

    Having read her recent work, “Water for Lovers“, I was inspired to write this poem in response…

    Weightless in the waters of Europa, we shall gaze upon Jupiter, inspired and breathless with awe. Then, pursue a trail of stars as we indulge in grand equatorial vistas of Mars, along the Tharsis Rise. Sojourners, we’ll return to sink our feet into the sands of Jost Van Dyke and wet our whistles at the Soggy Dollar Bar, as the Caribbean Sea glistens with life before our eyes, calling us to swim again.

    © 2023 Phil Perkins

    Europa (Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile), by Santana (1977)

  • A Few Site Changes


    Following my post entitled Revised Portfolio Design, I’ve once again modified my portfolio category pages, each now utilizing the Masonry Block. This provides a cleaner and more uniform display per category, but does require that each page be manually (not automatically) updated.


    Following contact with support staff at WordPress, I added custom CSS to set my primary menu in a fixed position (on desktop viewing), instead of scrolling – similar to a sticky post. Now, it’s always visible for quick access.


    Next, I changed the color of my site header, which contains the (now) sticky menu, using a #F6F4EF hexadecimal color to differentiate from the #FFFFFF (white) body. Also, to save space, I used CSS to reduce the header height.


    Having modified the header, I then added spacer blocks to the top of various pages, and also through Full Site Editing into the Archive template. This was done to correct for titles appearing too close to the newly delineated header.

  • WordPress Reader Lists

    In case you didn’t already know, it’s possible for WordPress site users to create a Reader List. This is a convenient means with which to see new content from a friend or site(s) of interest, without having to search – simply click their list link in the sidebar to see what’s new!

    Step By Step Directions

    1. click on “Lists” (in sidebar).
    2. click on “Create a new list”.
    3. enter a name (i.e., Phil Perkins).
    4. select visibility option (private).
    5. click Save.
    6. at the top, click “Site”.
    7. paste the URL (i.e.,
    8. click the “Add” option, underneath.

    You now have a Reader list link. Repeat as desired to add more.

  • And Yet More Likes

    Well, it happened again…for a fourth consecutive day, I’ve now set a new likes record. Statistics show yesterday’s final count as being


    Thank you my friends for visiting!!!

  • Shoutout To Friends

    Shoutout To Friends

    I thought it would be nice to thank my friends on WordPress for sharing so many comments with me 😊 Here are three with the most remarks…

    Please visit their sites, like their content, and maybe leave a comment, too. Thanks!

  • Words of Inspiration

    Words of Inspiration

    After reading “Lost In Time And Space” – a poem by my friend & writer Carla Milho – I was inspired and responded by writing the following poem…

    In the depths of despair
    When time had no hands
    Her clothes tattered and torn.

    She questioned, “why me”?
    Searching deep in her soul
    Found hope and love reborn.

    Now upright with courage
    Each step purposeful
    The Red Warrior roams free.

    Named Carla Milho
    Her friends celebrate
    The life which has come to be.

    © 2021 Phil Perkins

    Modified photo from