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  • Many Marbles

    Many Marbles

    Macro photography of many glass marbles resting in shallow water, inside a pan lined with crumpled aluminum foil. You can find many items – prints, puzzles, apparel, coffee mugs, etc. – when visiting the following shops…

  • Coral


    Detailed close-up macro photography of a large piece of sea coral, with a hole in the center. If you’d be interested in a print for your home or workplace, or a number of other items available, then please visit the following galleries…

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  • Tidal Pathways

    Tidal Pathways

    This vintage black and white photograph captures pathways in the sand formed by tidal recession, from high to low tide, as seen on a beach along the Atlantic Ocean. You can see many prints and other items when visiting my shops at Pixels, Redbubble, ArtFlakes and ArtPal. Check it out…

  • Vintage Glass

    Vintage Glass

    This macro photography features a very old bottle with heavy, greenish-blue glass and several air bubble imperfections. It also has a round bottom. You can discover a variety of fine prints, gifts and apparel items in the following shops: