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  • Behind the Falls

    Behind the Falls

    Big Laurel Falls stands 40-feet tall. However, as with many waterfalls situated on the Cumberland Plateau, the volume of water present diminishes during generally drier, summer months. That said, at times such as these it’s much easier to enjoy exploring the cave behind the falls, which has dimensions of approximately 160-feet wide by 80-feet deep. […]

  • Big Laurel Creek

    Although the water was low during my visit to the Virgin Falls State Natural Area, home to Big Laurel Creek and several other points of interest, I did observe a few deep pools of crystal-clean, turquoise water. You can see more – prints, gifts & apparel – in these shops: Pixels Redbubble ArtPal

  • Cave Behind Waterfall

    Cave Behind Waterfall

    This cave is located at the Virgin Falls State Park, in Sparta, Tennessee, immediately behind Big Laurel Falls. As photographed, the water drains back into the cave and underground. If you’d be interested in a beautiful accent piece for a wall in your home, then do stop by my galleries to find something special → […]

  • Shots from the Trail

    You can see fine prints and other items available in the following galleries: Big Laurel Falls – Pixels, ArtPal Smoky Mountains Sunrise – Pixels, ArtPal Upper Lynn Camp Falls – Pixels, ArtPal

  • Shots from the Trail

    This photograph was taken roadside in Robbinsville, North Carolina, along the Cheoah River, and features white water rapids. Prints and more are available in my galleries at Pixels and ArtPal. Despite low water levels in Big Laurel Creek, it was easy to locate some scenic areas among the boulders to photograph. Prints and more are […]

  • Big Laurel Falls

    I shot this photograph of Big Laurel Falls using my zoom lens from the other side of a large cave. Located in the Virgin Falls State Park, near Sparta, Tennessee, the waterfall stands 40-feet tall. You can enjoy fine prints and more when you visit any of the following galleries: Pixels Redbubble ArtPal Thanks for […]

  • Forest Boulders and Creek

    Forest Boulders and Creek

    Located at the Virgin Falls State Park of Tennessee, this photograph features Big Laurel Creek with a low water level. See more: Pixels, ArtPal, Redbubble.

  • Big Laurel Creek

    Despite low water levels at Big Laurel Creek during my recent visit, and, given that the creek exhibits periodic subterranean detours through a network of caverns before reemerging, there were nevertheless a few areas where I observed deep pools of crystal-clear water…case in point. If you might be interested in a fine print, or other […]

  • Big Laurel Falls

    Yesterday, my alarm clock sounded at 3:30 a.m. and I headed to the kitchen to make coffee. After a few cups at my computer, I used the restroom and was on the road within the hour, headed to the Virgin Falls State Natural Area in White County, Tennessee. I wanted to visit Big Laurel Falls, […]

  • Black And White Cave

    Black And White Cave

    Located in the Colditz Cove State Natural Area, at Northrup Falls, this black and white photography highlights substantial overhanging cliffs – caves – which were used historically as shelter by indigenous people. A variety of prints and other items are now available for sale in my shops online at Pixels and Society 6. So, come […]

  • Northrup Falls

    Cumberland Plateau Located in the Colditz Cove State Natural Area, near Allardt, Tennessee, the picturesque 65-foot tall Northrup Falls provides visitors a quiet retreat to enjoy nature. The gorge itself is also a sight to see, with significant overhanging cliffs offering geological interest, as well as natural shelter. Visit my gallery to find a print […]

  • Black And White Cave

    Overhanging Cliffs This black and white geological photograph was taken at Northrup Falls, where overhanging cliffs extend outward up to 50-feet. It’s a great place to get out of the rain and has a history serving as shelter for indigenous peoples, many moons ago. Today, you can enjoy this print on a wall in your […]

  • Northrup Falls

    This is Northrup Falls, a 65-foot tall waterfall located in the Colditz Cove State Natural Area near Allardt, Tennessee. Visitors hiking this moderately difficult 1.3 mile out and back trail can understand why cliff dwelling Indians made this their home approx. 3,000 years ago – overhanging cliffs extend outward nearly 50-feet in some areas, providing […]

  • Northrup Falls

  • Northrup Falls

    Northrup Falls

    See here for prints available. This is Northrup Falls, a 65-foot tall waterfall on the Cumberland Plateau, in the Colditz Cove State Natural Area, near Allardt, Tennessee.

  • Second View of Northrup Falls

    Second View of Northrup Falls

    Prints available. This is the picturesque Northrup Falls, located on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, USA, at the Colditz Cove State Natural Area. It would look great on a wall in your home, office, business lobby or cafeteria setting. Many print options are available to suit your interests – check it out…

  • Northrup Falls

    Northrup Falls

    Located in the Colditz Cove State Natural Area near Allardt, Tennessee, Northrup Falls stands 65-feet tall and is situated in a gorge featuring substantial overhanging cliffs – a place, it is said, which was home to cliff-dwelling Indians some 3000 years ago. → Prints available.

  • Return To Northrup Falls

    Return To Northrup Falls

    Located on the Cumberland Plateau in the Colditz Cove State Natural Area, is one of Tennessee’s most stunning waterfalls – Northrup Falls. It’s an easy hike into the gorge along Big Branch Creek, where visitors pass towering rock cliffs leading to the 65-foot waterfall with turquoise plunge pool. The trail meanders through an old-growth forest […]

  • Lost Creek Falls State Natural Area

    Lost Creek Falls State Natural Area

    I recently enjoyed hiking at the Lost Creek Falls State Natural Area, located near Sparta, Tennessee. Situated on the western flank of the Cumberland Plateau, the park features the 50′ Lost Creek Falls (fed by a large spring), Lost Creek Cave and a connecting 4.5 mile trail to Virgin Falls. In 1994, the Walt Disney […]

  • Caves In A Cliff

    Caves In A Cliff

    This interesting geological rock formation was photographed along the trail in the gorge to Ozone Falls, in Tennessee. You may enjoy seeing this landscape scenery in your home, or office? If so, please visit my gallery at Pixels to select a print. Thanks for stopping by!