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  • Vintage Miami Beach

    Vintage Miami Beach

    Vintage graphic art featuring a photograph I shot while visiting Miami Beach, Florida, many moons ago. A plethora of great prints, gifts & other items are available here: Pixels Redbubble ArtPal

  • Downtown on a Rainy Night

    Enjoy this nighttime digital artwork of a downtown street with buildings, wet pavement and falling rain. Based on a photograph. You can discover many fine prints and other items available in the following galleries: Pixels Redbubble ArtPal I appreciate you stopping by – thanks very much!

  • Spheres of Orange Glass

    Spheres of Orange Glass

    Digital artwork of an infinite field of three dimensional cylinders with a few spheres of glowing orange glass. You can discover a finite amount of really cool items available when you visit any of the following shops – Redbubble Society 6 ArtPal Pixels Thanks for stopping by!

  • Off the Beaten Trail

    Leaving the Laurel-Snow Trail to climb a hill and step into the forest, I stepped back in time 100 years. At that time and earlier, the Dayton Coal & Iron Company had a mining operation at this Dayton, Tennessee location, along Richland Creek. Now, when exploring off the beaten trail, hikers can observe structural vestiges […]

  • Futuristic City Scene

    Futuristic City Scene

    Digital depiction of a technologically advanced city built on top of an expansive computer-motherboard. You can enjoy many different products featuring this fantasy landscape, when you visit the following shops: Redbubble Pixels ArtPal Society 6 Sample Products… Wall Murals Available at Society 6 Size: 8′ x 8′ and includes four peel-and-stick adhesive panels. Panels are […]

  • Vintage Neo Classical Structure

    Vintage Neo Classical Structure

    Located in Ann Arbor on the corner of South University & State Street, on the campus of the University of Michigan, this vintage black and white photograph features an entrance to the law quad. You can enjoy a print for your home or office, or to give as a gift, when you visit my galleries […]

  • City at Sunset

    City at Sunset

    Hues of gold and orange adorn sunlit reflections in my digital artwork of a cityscape at sunset. This urban scene is available on many fine items, in each of the following galleries – so, drop by for a visit when you’re in the neighborhood! Redbubble ArtPal Society 6 Pixels

  • Nickels Arcade

    Nickels Arcade

    This photograph features Nickels Arcade, a vintage shopping area located in Ann Arbor, near the campus of the University of Michigan. Prints, gifts & apparel products are available in each of these galleries – Pixels, Redbubble and ArtPal. Thanks very much!

  • City Scene

    City Scene

    This black and white photograph was taken several years ago from the top of a parking structure in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. You can visit my gallery if you’d be interested in selecting any of several different print types available, including the following: framed canvas art metal wood poster acrylic tapestry

  • Umbrella Under Glass

    Umbrella Under Glass

    An umbrella is useful when it’s raining outside – and, apparently, even when walking inside a giant, levitating glass sphere. You can stop by my galleries at Redbubble and Pixels to discover some really cool gifts and apparel items. Open 24/7 with a roof – so, no umbrella necessary. Hope to see you soon! PHOTO […]

  • Home by the Sea

    Home by the Sea

    Golden skyscrapers with reflections extend from shore into an ocean of currents, below sparse cloud-cover in this digital, fantasy seascape. You can discover many fine products featuring my design in the following print on demand outlets: Redbubble Society 6 Pixels Cafepress Samples

  • Black and White Buildings

    Black and White Buildings

    This black and white photograph was taken on campus at the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor, featuring buildings with Neo Classical architecture. Prints are available in my gallery. Thanks!

  • Neoclassical Collage

    Neoclassical Collage

    Structural Abstract If only two photographs qualify as constituting a collage, then here it is. Situated on an angle and off-center, these neoclassical structures – Angell Hall & Hill Auditorium – were photographed on the University of Michigan campus, in Ann Arbor. Prints, Gifts, Apparel Pixels · Redbubble · ArtPal · ArtFlakes

  • Layers of a City

    Layers of a City

    When your apartment in the city looks the same as nine other locations, it can be difficult to find your way home. Also, don’t forget the level upon which you reside! Breadcrumbs might help, though the population of pigeons pose a problem. And, caring for dozens of pets – birds that remember where you live […]

  • Into the City

    Into the City

    This structural digital collage features photographs of buildings I took in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, layered to repeat into infinity. But, you won’t have to travel that far to see some cool products available for sale – just visit these shops: Society 6, Pixels and Redbubble.

  • City of Gold

    Checkerboard Landscape Golden geometric skyscrapers form a city skyline, reflecting across a checkerboard with a mirrored surface. This surreal structural scene is available on many great products in the following galleries: Pixels Redbubble Society 6 Cafepress

  • Pyramids

    Desert Oasis The sun rises over pyramids in Giza, Egypt, with a refreshing pool of water reflecting in the desert. Hmm… perhaps this oasis is only a mirage? You can enjoy my digital artwork on a variety of cool products available in these shops: Redbubble Society 6 Pixels

  • City Structures

    City Structures

    Enjoy this abstract rendition of apartments in a city. You can find a wide variety of gift and apparel items featuring this design, in the following shops: Redbubble, Society 6, Pixels and/or Cafepress.

  • An Evening In Venice

    An Evening In Venice

    Enjoy my digital rendition of Venice, Italy, based on a photograph from unsplash.com & featuring a colorful twilight reflecting across an historic canal.  You can find great products – from prints to phone cases & apparel – in my shops online, here: Pixels Redbubble Society 6

  • Venice, Italy

    Life On The Water Enjoy my digital rendition of a canal among buildings in Venice, Italy. Based on a photograph, you can relax for a pleasant tour of the city in a gondola, or travel by internet to my gallery and purchase some wonderful wall art for your home. Prints are available in many varieties, […]