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  • Boat in a Bottle

    Boat in a Bottle

    I’ve always wondered how a sailboat could fit inside a glass bottle, not to mention an entire ocean? This photograph features a vintage round-bottom bottle from my collection, and you can enjoy my collage on a variety of great gifts, prints and apparel in the following shops:

  • New York Glass

    As a child with a hobby of collecting old bottles, this vintage glass was unearthed during the 1970’s while digging near a haunted house in Marquette, Michigan. Photo One is a small bottle from the Napier Chemical Company in New York, and has an air bubble in the glass. Photo Two is a taller bottle from the Black Cat Polish Company in Buffalo, New York, and to this day retains much of its original cork. See more in my gallery.

  • Vintage Glass

    Vintage Glass

    This macro photography features a very old bottle with heavy, greenish-blue glass and several air bubble imperfections. It also has a round bottom. You can discover a variety of fine prints, gifts and apparel items in the following shops:

  • Antique Glass Bottle

    Antique Glass Bottle

    This macro photography features the base of an antique glass bottle, turquoise in color with a myriad of air bubbles and other maker imperfections – which, in my opinion, make the glass very special.

    It would look wonderful in a frame on your wall, at home or in the office. Or, select from a variety of other products available. Visit these shops to see more:

  • Antique Green Bottle

    Still Life Glass Reflections

    This photograph features an old green glass wine bottle – Chateau Lafite Grand Vin – dated 1898. I removed it from the ground as a child, when old bottle collecting was a favorite hobby. Today, you might enjoy it on the wall of your kitchen or dining area. A variety of fine prints are available in my gallery, and framed prints may be customized to suit your taste.

    Thanks for shopping!

  • Design Samples – Vol. 6

  • Vintage Glass

    Take A Close Look

    Prints available. This macro photography highlights an old, aquamarine colored bottle which I dug from the ground sometime in the mid-1970’s. Oftentimes, beauty is all around us – if we look for it.

    Can you see it?

  • Imperfect Beauty

    Imperfect Beauty

    It is the degree of unique variations in the face of a lovely woman which serve to define beauty, in my opinion, not cookie-cutter uniformity. This same interpretation can be applied across a spectrum of subject matter, including vintage glass bottles. Here, characteristics that are one of a kind – air bubbles, asymmetrical color, scratches, chips and stains, etc. – provide for an imperfect beauty with far greater appeal. If you’d be interested in a print, please visit my shop. Thank you.

  • Reflections of Vintage Glass

    Reflections of Vintage Glass

    Many moons ago, I collected old bottles in my youth, foraging local hillsides to unearth vintage treasures. I still have several on hand, a close up example of which is provided in this photograph:

    Decorate Your Living Spaces Today!

    framed / canvas / acrylic / metal / wood / art / posters / tapestry

  • Old Glass

    Old Glass

    Macro sepia tone photography of the bottom of a very old glass bottle. This might look nice on a wall in your home? You can see more in my gallery at Pixels. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Spinning Bottles

    Spinning Bottles

    Enjoy these spinning bottles of green and brown, turning into infinity by way of the Droste Effect. See more in my galleries at Zazzle and Pixels.

  • Vintage Soda Pop Bottle

    Vintage Soda Pop Bottle

    This photograph features a vintage soda pop bottle from the late 1960’s – early 1970’s. The text is darkened by virtue of background lighting from the morning sun – the printed lettering is actually white. Visit my gallery at Pixels for more.

  • Opening of Glass Bottle

    Opening of Glass Bottle

    Enjoy this macro photography featuring the opening of a vintage glass bottle. Visitors are encouraged to stop by my gallery at Pixels for more.

  • Old Glass Bottles

    Old Glass Bottles

    If you’re interested in a new picture for your home or office, here’s one – a detailed close up photograph of an old glass bottle. Select from many different print options in my gallery at Fine Art America.

  • Antique Round Bottom Bottle

    Antique Round Bottom Bottle

    This close up photograph features an old bottle with a round bottom and green glass. If you’d be interested in a print, many options are available in my gallery at Fine Art America. Check it out!