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  • Detroit Yacht Club

    Detroit Yacht Club

    This vintage photograph of the DYC was taken on Belle Isle, in Detroit, Michigan. It’s available on a wide variety of cool products in the following shops: Pixels, Redbubble and ArtFlakes. Thanks for visiting!

  • An Evening In Venice

    An Evening In Venice

    Enjoy my digital rendition of Venice, Italy, based on a photograph from unsplash.com & featuring a colorful twilight reflecting across an historic canal.  You can find great products – from prints to phone cases & apparel – in my shops online, here:

  • Venice, Italy

    Life On The Water

    Enjoy my digital rendition of a canal among buildings in Venice, Italy. Based on a photograph, you can relax for a pleasant tour of the city in a gondola, or travel by internet to my gallery and purchase some wonderful wall art for your home. Prints are available in many varieties, such as canvas, framed, art, poster, metal, acrylic, wood and tapestry. Other items, also.

  • Boats For Rent

    Boats For Rent

    If you enjoy the water and would like to rent a boat for the day, may I suggest, at a minimum, wearing a life-preserver and searching for a more trustworthy watercraft. In the meantime, you can visit my gallery to check out some prints. Bon voyage!

  • Sailboats In Dock

    Sailboats In Dock

    Available in my shop at Pixels, this stylized digital rendition of sailboats in dock is based on a photograph of the Detroit Yacht Club, located on Belle Isle in the Detroit River. Happy sailing!

  • Venice, Italy Canal

    Venice, Italy Canal

    Based on a photograph of a canal in Venice, Italy, I’ve made creative modifications using various filters, textures and adjustment layers to highlight vintage qualities. See prints available. Godere!

  • Venice Canal

    Venice Canal

    One evening I was wandering along a canal in Venice, Italy – oh, wait, scratch that! I was actually sitting in front of my computer at home, and this is my rendition of a photograph from unsplash.com. You can visit my gallery for more.


  • Village By The Sea

    Village By The Sea

    This photograph of a Grecian village by the sea has been modified using Adobe Photoshop and Filter Forge to create a vintage aesthetic, using sepia tone colors, texture, blurred and burned edges. See more in my gallery at Fine Art America.

  • Sailboats In Dock

    Sailboats In Dock

    Enjoy this photography of sailboats in dock. I shot this picture at the harbor of Marquette, in Michigan’s upper peninsula, and added several textural effects to create a vintage appearance. Guests may visit my gallery at Fine Art America to discover a variety of print and other items available print on demand. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Canal In Venice Italy

    Canal In Venice Italy

    Colorfully painted buildings line the sidewalks along a canal in Venice, Italy, with boats docked for the evening as the sun sets. This digital art is based on a photograph, stylized using Adobe Photoshop and Filter Forge. Guests can discover some great items available in my gallery at Pixels – prints, bags, yoga mats, etc.. Enjoy!

  • Sailboats At Detroit Yacht Club

    Sailboats At Detroit Yacht Club

    Enjoy this summer scene of sailboats docked at the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle. Water in the forefront is a lagoon, while buildings in the background are located across the Detroit River. Based on a photograph. Visit my galleries at Fine Art America, Society 6 and/or Redbubble to discover a wide variety of available items. Many great gift ideas, too.

  • Rustic Dock With Boats

    Rustic Dock With Boats

    This photograph of a rustic dock with boats was taken on the Huron River in Ann Arbor, Michigan. If you’d be interested in a print, several types are available in my gallery at Fine Art America. Stop by for a visit, sometime.