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  • Shadows Rock Climbing

    Shadows Rock Climbing

    Taken at House Mountain near Knoxville, Tennessee, this autumn photograph highlights shadows from trees downhill, cast uphill upon a rocky cliff. You can visit my gallery to see a variety of fine prints available, including: framed, art, canvas, metal, poster, wood, acrylic and tapestry. Great for the home and office, or as a gift to share.

  • Icicles


    Water glistens in direct sunlight as icicles drip while melting. This textured photograph is available on a variety of cool stuff in my shops at Redbubble and Pixels. And, it would also make a nice gift idea.

  • On The Road

    Norris Dam

    Located located along the Clinch River in the Norris Dam State Park, in Rocky Top, Tennessee, Norris Dam was built in 1936 and stands 265-feet tall.

    You can discover a variety of fine prints in my gallery, including:

    • framed
    • canvas
    • art
    • metal
    • poster
    • wood
    • acrylic
    • tapestry

    Each product is manufactured at one of 16 global production facilities and delivered “ready-to-hang” with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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  • Signs of Fire

    Chimney Tops

    I shot this photograph in the summer of 2019, while hiking Chimney Tops in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

    This image captures remnants of a burned tree from the fire of 2016, shown here after being cut down by park forestry personnel.

    If you’d be interested in a print, then please visit my gallery to find a suitable option:

    • framed
    • canvas
    • art
    • metal
    • poster
    • wood
    • acrylic
    • tapestry

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  • Scenes of Nature

    WORK 01

    Clouds In Sky

    Textural digital art featuring endless layers of clouds and blue sky. Based on a photograph. Visit shops for more: Society 6, Pixels.

    WORK 02

    Field of Daisies

    Abstract impressionism style of digital painting features field of daisies. Based on a photograph. See more at Redbubble, Pixels.

  • Checkerboard Reflections

    Translucent Structure

    This abstract 3D structure of glass with diffused light features reflections of a black & white checkerboard. See more:

  • Glass of Lemonade

    Retro Summer Design

    Kick back and enjoy blue skies and a glass of lemonade with this fun, retro typographic design. It’s available on a variety of gifts and apparel items in these online shops – Redbubble and Society 6.

  • Mirage


    Visit my shops at Pixels and ArtPal to discover some cool prints and products featuring this graphic design – layered blue skies, a golden sun, and the text Mirage. Thank you!

  • Coral By The Sea

    Coral By The Sea

    This collage is focused on coral with a tropical sun warming a sandy beach, as waves from a vibrant ocean splash across the shoreline. The macro photograph of the coral was taken on a wooden floor – it looks much better, now! Stop by my galleries for more – Fine Art America, Redbubble, Society 6 and Zazzle.

  • Scenic Overlook

    Scenic Overlook

    This summertime photograph features a scenic overlook at the Savage Gulf State Natural Area in Tennessee. Prints available.

  • Thinking Outside The Door

    Thinking Outside The Door

    I’m going to enjoy green grass and blue skies…if I ever get out of here! In the meantime, I’ll stay home and stay safe. Prints available.

  • House Sized Boulder

    House Sized Boulder

    This photograph was taken along the Cumberland River in Kentucky, and features a boulder the size of a house! See more.