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  • Black and White Rapids

    Black and White Rapids

    Water turns and rolls, shifts and splashes around and over rocks in Middle Prong Little River, in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. This black and white photograph would make the perfect accent piece on a wall in your home, office, lobby, cafeteria or hospital setting. You can visit my gallery to select from several options – framed, canvas, art, metal, wood, poster, acrylic and/or tapestry.

  • Four Corners

    Quadrant Symmetry

    This colorful and kaleidoscopic digital mandala design has been added to my shops at Redbubble and Pixels, where you can find a variety of products available as gifts and apparel. Thanks for visiting!

  • Frozen Tree

    Following successive days of rain, the water level on Crooked Fork was high. That, combined with a temperature of only 20-degrees fahrenheit, created a coating of ice from mist cast by the powerful 18-foot tall Upper Potter’s Falls. It also caused to me to ponder…how could I have forgotten my gloves, d’oh! Be that as it may, you can enjoy one of many prints available in the comfort of your home or office, when you visit my gallery. Thanks very much!

    Select from framed, wood, metal, art, poster, acrylic, canvas and tapestry. Prints are museum quality with a money back guarantee. Other items to choose, as well. Hope to see you soon!

  • Pop Art Brunch

    Pop Art Brunch

    Many years ago, I was enjoying brunch at a restaurant and placed my camera on the table to snap this shot. Now, with texture and a pop art color palette, this graphic design is available on a variety of gifts and apparel items, in the following shops:

  • Pop Art Music

    For many folks, it doesn’t seem that long ago that cassette tapes were the principal means through which to enjoy listening to music. Wait a minute…how old am I? Ok, it was a while back. Nevertheless, you may enjoy this colorful pop art rendition of an audio cassette, shown here as a before & after. To create this design, I used my imagination, a free photograph found at unsplash.com, Affinity Photo and Filter Forge.

    You can find some cool stuff available in any of the following shops…


  • Crystal Cones

    Crystal Cones

    Surreal fantasy landscape of three crystal cones reflecting sunlight under a geometric sky and across a digital ocean. You can visit any of the following shops for great products featuring my artwork…

    Thank you!

  • Thunderhead

    Thunderhead Prong, to be exact. It’s located in the Tremont section of the Smoky Mountains, in Tennessee. As seen here, at the trailhead of Middle Prong Trail. Perfect for the home, office, or to give as a gift, you can visit my gallery to select from several print types available, including: framed, canvas, art, metal, wood, poster, acrylic and tapestry. And, framed prints may be customized to suit your wishes.

    Questions? Please feel free to get in touch. Thanks!

  • Autumn View

    Autumn View

    House Mountain

    This photograph features the colorful autumn leaves of a Maple tree, as seen while hiking along the upper ridge of House Mountain, near Corryton, Tennessee. Looking west toward the horizon are the Cumberland Mountains. Prints, gifts and apparel with my photography are available in my shops at Pixels and Redbubble. Check it out…

  • Tremont Waterfall

    Tremont Waterfall

  • Streaming Reflections

    Streaming Reflections

    This three dimensional digital artwork features a stream of reflecting, rough metallic spheres, perhaps as propelled buckshot might appear. You can discover many cool items available for sale when you visit any of the following shops:

  • Shots from the Trail

    Many fine prints and more available in the following galleries:

  • Geometric Kaleidoscope

    Geometric Kaleidoscope

    Featuring an earth tones color palette and added texture, this abstract geometric mandala design is available on a wide variety of gifts and apparel items, in these shops: Redbubble, Society 6 and Pixels.


  • Shadows Rock Climbing

    Shadows Rock Climbing

    Taken at House Mountain near Knoxville, Tennessee, this autumn photograph highlights shadows from trees downhill, cast uphill upon a rocky cliff. You can visit my gallery to see a variety of fine prints available, including: framed, art, canvas, metal, poster, wood, acrylic and tapestry. Great for the home and office, or as a gift to share.

  • No Swimming

    PHOTO 01

    Below Falls

    This is Lower Potter’s Falls, located on Crooked Fork Creek – a tributary to Emory River, on the Cumberland Plateau. Prints available.

    PHOTO 02

    Above Falls

    These photographs were taken following several days of heavy rainfall in the area around Wartburg, Tennessee. Prints available.

    I’ve included a photograph from my visit to Lower Potter’s Falls in October 2021, below, so as to contrast the volume of water present…


  • Geometric Pattern

    Geometric Pattern

    Products featuring this pattern design are available in my shop at Redbubble. Here are a few samples…