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  • Clingmans Dome

    Located in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along the state line between North Carolina and Tennessee, Clingmans Dome is a popular tourist destination. So much so, that on any given good-weather day, visitors may observe vehicles with license plates from 25 or more states.

    From the parking area, it’s a short 1/2 mile hike along a paved trail, though the grade is quite steep. As such, there are several benches along the way on which to rest. There’s also a gift shop & restrooms.

    Standing 6,643-feet tall, Clingmans Dome is both the tallest mountain in the park and in the state of Tennessee. It’s also the highest point along the 2,192-mile Appalachian Trail, and the third tallest mountain (after Mount Mitchell and Mount Craig) east of the Mississippi River. Lastly, it’s the 17th tallest mountain in the United States of America.

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  • Charlies Bunion

    Smoky Mountains

    Located in the Smoky Mountains along the Appalachian Trail between Tennessee and North Carolina, the view from Charlies Bunion can be enjoyed by hiking an eight mile out and back trail. Rated as moderately difficult, much of the hike is at an altitude of 6000-feet above sea level.

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  • Forest Trail

    Hiking Charlies Bunion

    I shot this rose-colored black and white photograph along the trail while hiking to Charlies Bunion. Yes, an odd name – in 1929, two mountain guides from Oconaluftee, North Carolina climbed the area to inspect damage after a recent fire. With a sore foot from hiking, Charlie removed his shoe…the rest is history. The lesson: never underestimate the value of quality footwear! Putting aside the imagery that that description may elicit, you may enjoy a print of this rocky trail in your home of office. You can visit my gallery to select from a variety of museum quality prints.

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  • View At The Jump Off

    Smoky Mountains

    After hiking along the Appalachian Trail to Charlies Bunion from the Newfound Gap area, located in the Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, I took another trail to enjoy the view from The Jump Off. Visit my gallery to select a print for yourself and enjoy this landscape view at home, or at the office.

  • Morning In The Foothills

    Morning In The Foothills

    This Smoky Mountains photograph was taken soon after sunrise on a mostly overcast autumn morning, from the Foothills Parkway. The town below is Wears Valley, Tennessee. Prints available.

  • Mountain Flowers At Sunset

    Mountain Flowers At Sunset

    Enjoy this colorful scene of mountain flowers with small lakes and a setting sun. Based on a photograph, I’ve added this picture to my gallery at Pixels. Stop by to see for yourself – many prints to select for your home or office!

  • Glass of Water In The Sky

    Glass of Water In The Sky

    This glass of water was photographed in a restaurant located on top of a mountain – what a view! You, too, may enjoy this view – in your home or office – on a print from my gallery at Pixels.

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  • Cold Weather Environment

    Cold Weather Environment

    Enjoy this top-of-the-world view from the peak of an imaginary mountain in a cold weather environment. I used Bryce creative software to design this landscape, and have since added it to my gallery at Fine Art America. Stop by for a visit, sometime…