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  • Kitchen Comedy

    Kitchen Comedy

    In the kitchen, yesterday, with graphic effects added this morning. 👽 If you enjoy laughter, then you should try my lasagna…

  • Time Traveler


    On the horizon of an unusual three dimensional desert landscape, a blinding, bright flash fades to reveal the silhouette of a traveler appearing through a time portal in space. Discover gift & apparel products in these shops: Redbubble, Society 6, Pixels


  • Eye of An Orange Alien

    Eye of An Orange Alien

    No, this is not the Kool Aid character from television advertisements in the 1970-1980’s. Nor is it an alien from outer space, though that was the visual impression I had following creative modifications made to the photograph of an automobile. You can visit my shops online at Pixels and Society 6 to discover some cool products with this design.

  • Abstract Space Alien

    Abstract Space Alien

    Available on many items in my shops at Society 6 and Pixels, this somewhat psychedelic digital artwork resembles an abstract mixture of space and a kaleidoscope. Here are a few sample products you’ll find in my shops…

    Hope to see you soon!