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  • Morning Hike

    Morning Hike

    Leaving dawn behind, sunlight filters across the mountain and through trees to illuminate the trail before me. If you’d like some nature in your home or office, this picture is available in my gallery at Fine Art America on a variety of print types.

  • Mountain Landscape

    Mountain Landscape

    This landscape photograph features a rocky outcropping on House Mountain, located near Knoxville, Tennessee. The mountain stands 1000′ above the surrounding valley. It has two different trails to the top, leading to a 1.5 mile ridge extending from end to end, which offers wonderful panoramic-views. The scene here is located along the White Trail which finishes at the West Overlook.

    If you’d be interested in a print, then visit my gallery at Fine Art America. Enjoy!

  • Road Trip

    Road Trip

    Bring your luggage and hop aboard this traveling yellow van for a road trip! This whimsical graphic imagery can be enjoyed on a variety of interesting product types available through my galleries at Redbubble and Fine Art America.

    Hope to see you soon!

  • Desert Highway

    A desert highway leads towards distant mountains with a mysterious glowing light illuminating the heavens. Visitors may enjoy this fun collage in my gallery at Zazzle, on a variety of product types.

    Here are a few samples:

  • Father And Son

    Father And Son

    This digital artwork features a father and son cautiously walking along the water’s edge of a lake, with their pant-cuffs rolled up to keep dry. Based on a photograph from unsplash.com. See more in my gallery at Fine Art America. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Sailing Into The Sunset

    Sailing Into The Sunset

    Enjoy this textural ocean photograph of an adventurous sailboat traveling into a sunset among scattered islands. Guests may review a variety of prints available in my gallery at Fine Art America. Perfect for your home, office, cafeteria or lobby!

  • A Sailboat At Sea

    Enjoy this digital artwork featuring a sailboat leaving the harbor for an open-seas adventure! Based on a photograph. Guests are encouraged to visit my galleries at Society 6, Redbubble and/or Zazzle for great gifts and apparel with this image, including these samples:

  • Time Travel Machine

    Time Travel Machine

    Enter this transport chamber to travel through time – a portal to the stars through space, it’s faster than a rocket and seat belts are optional! For individuals seeking to retain their terrestrial status, simply visit my gallery at Society 6 to discover a wide range of interesting items available featuring this design. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Steps Into The Forest

    Steps Into The Forest

    Tread carefully as these stone steps may shift under your weight while ascending this path into the forest. This black and white photograph was taken near Island Drive in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and can be found in my gallery at Fine Art America. Many print types (framed, art, wood, metal, canvas, acrylic) to select…

  • Beyond The Horizon

    Beyond The Horizon

    Without GPS, Christopher Columbus courageously traveled by wooden boat in 1492 across the Atlantic Ocean to discover America. Awesome! Today, you don’t have to board a sailboat to enjoy this scenery, simply visit my gallery at Fine Art America. There, you’ll discover a wide variety of print types and more!

  • Through The Woods

    Through The Woods

    Through a stand of thin pine and birch trees a light glows, reflecting upon the lake where I shall swim. This vintage photograph was taken in Michigan’s upper peninsula, north of Marquette near Little Presque Isle, on Lake Superior. If interested, prints are available in my gallery at Fine Art America.

  • Canyon Landscape With River

    Canyon Landscape With River

    This terraced, sci-fi landscape featuring sedimentary canyon walls and a winding river would make an excellent addition to the walls in your home, or at your dormitory! Visit my gallery at Redbubble for a great selection of print types – posters, canvas, photographic, art, framed and metal. Wall tapestries are also available. Enjoy!