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  • On Sale Today


    Take advantage of these sales offers to save money shopping today!

  • On Sale Today

    Take advantage of savings in my shop at Zazzle, where everything is on sale 15% off – when you use the code ZSPECIALNEWS at checkout. Discover many great gift giving ideas for birthdays, holidays & special occasions! This offer is available for a limited time only. Hope to see you soon!

  • And we are….

    And we are….


    Olá caros leitores ,

    E nós somos … E nós somos todos umas caixinhas de surpresa , desejando ser abertas e descobertas!

    Não necessariamente por outra pessoa , mas todos possuímos algo interessante e misterioso para ser descoberto , algo que desejamos dar a conhecer ao mundo … a nossa surpresa , o nosso lado bom , a nossa melhor parte!

    Por isso mesmo, somos todos umas caixinhas perfeitas e cheias de imperfeições , desejando melhorar cada pormenor nosso, cada traço com o pincel mais bonito que nós mesmos possuímos!

    Somos pequenas obras de arte feitas e lapidadas pelo Criador ou pelo Universo, todos somos belos de alguma forma.

    E nós somos pequenas partículas de pó , perdidos no tempo e no espaço , umas interessantes e misteriosas partículas de pó , e algumas irradiam uma luz particularmente…

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  • In the corner of my world

    In the corner of my world


    Olá caros leitores,

    Encontrei o meu mundo inteiro ao virar de uma esquina, ali estava ele brilhante como nunca naquele maravilhoso canto , de braços abertos para me acolher!

    Esteve durante algum tempo, à espreita cheio de esperança e na expectativa que eu finalmente o enxerga se!

    O meu mundo mesmo aqui, bastava que eu olha se para o canto certo, o canto mais maravilhoso que algum dia eu pude olhar !

    Um canto cheio de magia, de vida, de maravilhosos momentos para serem vividos, a vida esperava por mim….

    O doce canto onde está o meu mundo,o meu peculiar e diferente mundo, onde a destreza e a coragem reinam de mãos dadas o meu reino, o local onde eu sou a imperfeita imperatriz.

    No meu mundo, eu sou como Cleópatra implacável e segura de mim independentemente do que possa acontecer, durante as tempestades de areia.

    Nesse canto esperavam me…

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  • Full Moon Pillow

    Full Moon Pillow

    Looking for a new decorative addition to your living spaces? If so, how about this cool full moon throw pillow – available through Redbubble. Select from different sizes available, as either a cover only or cover plus insert.

    Makes A Great Christmas Gift!!!

  • Metal Print From Redbubble

    Metal Print From Redbubble

    Yesterday, I received the metal print I ordered from Redbubble – sweet! Taking advantage of an advertised sale, I purchased a 16″ by 16″ print of my Child of Space graphic design with a gloss finish. It’s made of lightweight aluminum, has rounded corners and looks great on my wall!

  • Real Estate Web Site And Flyer

    Real Estate Web Site And Flyer

    I’ve recently completed a web site and designed a flyer for clients seeking to sell their condominium FSBO (for sale by owner) in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I used WordPress to design their site and FedEx to print the flyers. The clients were pleased with the work, as was I – success!

  • #HomeDecor #ThrowPillows #Redbubble

    #HomeDecor #ThrowPillows #Redbubble

    Create a fresh look in your home decor by adding some new throw pillows to your living spaces. Available in my gallery at Redbubble, each pillow is printed on both sides and features a concealed zipper opening for a clean look and easy care. For your comfort, the material consists of 75% cotton and 25% polyester. Enjoy!

  • Customer’s Cats Love Bath Mat, Too

    Customer’s Cats Love Bath Mat, Too

    Recently, a satisfied customer from Society 6 discovered that the Plants of Blue And Green bath mat also makes an excellent spot for a cat nap! Thank you for your purchase and for sharing this terrific photo!

  • Notebooks Are For Making Notes

    Notebooks Are For Making Notes


    Most of the items which I purchase through any of my shops are intended to be given away as gifts. Well, I just received a notebook in the mail which I purchased on sale as a gift for myself, and I couldn’t be more excited! From Society 6, it has 52 pages of high quality 70 lb. text paper, and I selected the unlined version. It has wraparound artwork and an anti-scuff laminate cover. Now, let the note taking begin…

  • Metal Prints From Society 6

    Metal Prints From Society 6

    A recent home decor enhancement, I couldn’t be happier with the selection of this Christopher Columbus 1492 metal print from my gallery at Society 6. I was very pleased with the quality of the print – the high gloss finish on aluminum offers vibrant colors with great image detail!

    Metal Prints at Society 6Each print has a 3/4″ wooden frame attached to the back to offset it from the wall, ready to display. If you’re looking to spruce up your living spaces, a wide selection of metal prints is available. And, until August 7th at midnight PST, visitors can use this promo link to receive free worldwide shipping and 10% off. Enjoy!

  • Featured Work

    Featured Work

    I was honored to discover that my Castles In The Sand design (lower right) has been selected by Redbubble for display as a sample framed print in their recent “Nature” email campaign – thanks Redbubble! Stop by my gallery for more great designs…