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  • Starburst Disc Golf Basket

    Abstract Tie Dye

    If you enjoy the great sport of disc golf & like retro folk art, then this is the best of both worlds. You can see more great products featuring my design in the following print on demand shops:

  • Watercolor Tie Dye

    With Disc Golf Basket

    Enjoy the great sport of disc golf and my digital watercolor tie dye design, together! You can discover some very cool products to purchase for yourself, or to give as a gift – here:

  • Disc Golf Basket

    Disc Golf Basket

    This retro silhouette disc golf basket with starburst tie dye graphic art is available on some really cool products, in the following shops: Society 6, Redbubble and Pixels. Buy stuff. Play disc golf. Have fun!

    Sample Product: Wall Tapestries

  • Disc Golfing

    Disc Golfing

    Silhouette of a disc golfer putting towards the chains of a basket, with a sunset on the horizon. This design is available for purchase on a wide variety of cool products in my shops at Redbubble & Cafepress.

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  • Disc Golfer

    Typographic Sports Design

    Disc golf is the sport of the future, today. Visit a local course near where you live and discover your new favorite pastime!

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  • Disc Golfer Putting

    Into The Chains

    Standing in the clouds on an oversized golf disc, this silhouette disc golfer putts with confidence towards the chains of a basket. Make your best shot count with cool disc golfing merchandise from my shop at Tee Public – tee shirts, stickers, mugs, masks, etc.. Thanks for shopping!

  • Disc Golfing Bird


    Enjoy playing the great sport of frisbee disc golf along side this fun blue bird character, taking a shot with his putter. Discover many cool items – tee shirts, stickers, mugs, masks, etc. – available in my Tee Public shop. Thanks for shopping!

  • Disc Golf Baskets

    Infinite Spin

    This colorful disc golfing graphic design uses the droste effect to create an infinite series of spinning baskets. Just keep your eye on the target…and visit my shop to discover some really cool products.

    Hope to see you soon!

  • Play Disc Golf

    Extreme Sports

    The sun is setting and you’re on the 18th hole. One basket left. One mountain to climb. One more shot to get close and not fly over the edge, down the other side. Good luck, grasshopper.

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  • Design Samples – Vol. 8

    Disc Golf

    Putt Plastic In Its Place

    Putt Plastic In Its Place

    Putt Plastic In Its Place

    Putt Plastic In Its Place

    Putt Plastic In Its Place

    Putt Plastic In Its Place

  • Disc Golf T-shirts


    Visit my shop at Tee Public to select a cool disc golfing t-shirt.

  • Disc Golf T-shirt

    Disc Golf T-shirt

    Have fun. Play frisbee disc golf. Compete to win. And, enjoy this cool disc golf t-shirt.

  • Disc Golf Basket

    Disc Golf Basket

    This graphic design features colorful rings around a silhouette disc golf basket and grass. It’s available on a variety of gifts and apparel items in my shop at Zazzle…so, check it out.

  • Disc Golf Basket

    Disc Golf Basket

    This colorful, abstract and three dimensional graphic design features the silhouette of a disc golf basket, and is available on many different products in my shops at Zazzle and/or Cafepress. Thanks for visiting!

  • Disc Golf Stories, No. 12

    It was 1998 and I was living in Scottsdale, Arizona, when a disc golfing friend – Ron Klein – informed me that he was driving to California to retrieve items from storage, and wondered if I wanted to take a disc golf road trip to the west coast?

    We played several courses while visiting The Golden State, the most memorable of which was DeLaveaga, in Santa Cruz.

    Upon arrival, we learned that a local monthly disc golf tournament was just about to begin, and so we both paid a nominal entry fee to enter the event.

    It was a small field and there were only two divisions – Ron signed up for Pro, and I signed up for Amateur – scheduled to play one round of 27-holes.

    I’d played here once before, and hoped that my performance during this particular event would be competitive. When finished, all of the scorecards were submitted and official results tallied.

    Although several of the top players from the Santa Cruz area were absent – playing instead at a PDGA tournament held in San Diego – it was nevertheless very cool to hear the Tournament Director announce that the winners of both divisions were from Arizona!

    In addition to receiving my payout for winning, I also sold a dozen t-shirts to the local club following the event – contributing to a fun disc golf road trip!

  • Disc Golf Stories, No. 11

    In February of 1999, I traveled to Firefighters Park in Troy, Michigan, with friends John Mick, Steve Hultquist and Dan Dehaan, to compete in the Ice Age Open disc golf tournament. I played well, tying for 1st-place in the Am-1 division, though lost the playoff and finished in 2nd-place.

    Between rounds temperatures dropped and the wind increased, sustaining at 30 mph throughout the entire second round. Also, the Tournament Director added a closest to the pin (CTP) prize – 2 discs to be awarded to whomever landed their drive closest to a specified basket.

    When our group arrived to tee-off on that particular hole, I crushed my drive high & wide to the right, playing the wind for maximum carry. It’s often as much luck as it is skill when throwing during such extreme conditions, and so I was very pleased when my shot landed only 4-feet from the basket!

    I later received my prize, which, fortunately, wasn’t contingent upon on making the putt – which I missed…D’Oh!

  • Disc Golf Stories, No. 10

    In June of 1998, myself and three friends – Mike Milne, Jon Poole and Jeff Knudsen – traveled from Scottsdale, Arizona, to Sylmar, California, to compete in a weekend disc golf tournament called the “3rd Summertime Open”.

    For some reason which I cannot recall, a makeshift course had been established at the Veterans Memorial Park. The event consisted of two 18-hole rounds on Saturday, and a final 24-hole round to be played on Sunday.

    During the third round while playing on one of the added baskets, I birdied using my midrange Comet disc as a putter – a slightly downhill anhyzer putt around a tree, flattening to finish left. A somewhat unorthodox shot, though I did record the only birdie and took honors on the tee pad.

    The next fairway was up the side of a hill, with the basket visible on the top and front edge. Also visible was a road (OB, penalty stroke) running across the fairway – situated at a distance, which, as we each discussed, may be within reach of a long drive?

    I decided to put everything I had into my drive, believing that I could throw far enough to land safely beyond the road. I crushed it, with 4-feet to spare! However, my disc grabbed the hillside turf and spit backwards, finishing to rest barely in-bounds and teetering on the top edge of the curb. Seeing this, the following three competitors, as I would have, all played it safe with shorter drives.

    I was last to play my second shot and first needed to spot my mark to the side, in order so that I was able to throw from within the fairway boundary. With approx. 150-feet remaining, I launched my Magnet putter uphill and into the chains for the only birdie in our group!

    I played well in two of three rounds during the tournament. Not enough to win, but I nevertheless fondly recall my uphill deuce.

  • Disc Golf T-shirt

    Disc Golf T-shirt

    Enjoy the sport of disc golf with this cool t-shirt, available in 18 different colors from Zazzle. And, you can also find more items at these shops: Cafepress, Tee Public and Design By Humans.

  • Disc Golf Stuff

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  • Disc Golf Basket

    Disc Golf Basket

    Colorful mandala typographic design with silhouette of disc golf basket & chains. Available on a variety of products in my galleries :

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