Mountain Hike

Shadows grow to consume the valley before sunset, as I approached the terminus of Thunderhead Prong Quiet Walkway. At this time of day, distant stumps in the forest begin to take the shape of bears, and sudden sounds are perceived with a heightened sense of interest. I’m aware that this trail is only hiked infrequently, and that I’m all alone in nature.

This is Thunderhead Prong in the Smoky Mountains, where the trail meets the waterway, at left, and a rocky incline, at right, becomes too steep to proceed.

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Thanks for visiting!


12 responses to “Mountain Hike”

    1. TY dear Christine 🤗🌹

  1. In nature you are not alone…the whole nature is with you, Phil!

    1. Yes, that’s true indeed, dear Indira. 😊 I guess what I meant to say is that, when one is in the mountains hiking on a trail where other people are also present, the regularity of noise coming from people tends to keep bears away. However, on this trail hiking alone as day began to change into night, the likelihood that I might encounter a bear was greater; hence, I remained mindful of such conditions. Thanks for visiting, my friend, and I wish you a wonderful day! 😘

    1. TY Christine 🙂

  2. Gorgeous hiking trail, better have lots of honey buns in your back pocket for those bears. Lovely description Phil🌼💛

    1. 😂 I estimate there’s enough room to carry approx. 10 honey buns per bear, if I’d meet a family of three. 🐻 But, for me, I’d rather have you along because you’re much sweeter! 💛🌺😘

      1. Good planning with the honey buns. I would need to bring a picnic basket full of them 🧸🤗

        1. Sounds like a sweet idea, dear Holly ~ the more honey buns the better! Only a rare bear could resist such sugary goodness, making for a safer hiking experience. Have a great Friday, my beautiful friend. 🧸🍯🐝

  3. I can hear and feel the beauty all the way from here!!💕💐

    1. I’m right there with you, my dear Cindy! 💞💐✨ It really was a wonderful spot from which to enjoy the sights and sounds, and I’m so glad you like it my friend! Have a splendid weekend! 😘

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