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Over the passed few years, I’ve published several poems on my web site. Many are written in response to creative writings posted by friends, and, therein, are commonly entitled Poem in Response, or, Poem for a Friend.

However, I also oftentimes include poetry in my comments on other sites, in response to various posts of friends which I’ve enjoyed reading. As such, and without further adieu, here are a few samples which I’ve penned…

Title of Post With Link: “Rise Lady, Rise (audio)
Poetess: Michele Lee

As nature has shared her golden glow, so too, through pen, your spirit does flow.

Title of Post With Link: “A Girl in Painting
Poetess: Annabel

What better way
to start the day
than to see your lovely face

Words shared, so kind
Straight from the heart
A good morning to embrace

Title of Post With Link: “Percurso“ (Portuguese, meaning Route)
Poetess: Carla Milho

Like you, dear Carla, whose enduring beauty shines brightly day after day, so too do your words and wisdom glow with the reflection of love.

Title of Post With Link: “We Are Poetry Hosted by the Library of Johnson C. Smith University
Poetess: Kym Gordon Moore

As water, your words flow with poetic fluidity, nourishing with inspiration the imaginations of those open to growth.

Title of Post With Link: “The World Outside
Poetess: Holly Hunter

Interlaced with threads of sadness, where shadows fade into night like days of the future passed, blended with blues into a blur of yesteryear, this half empty outer world exists in stark contrast to the full beauty you exude, an inner glow of which can brighten every tomorrow.

Title of Post With Link: “Old Dreams – A Poem
Poetess: Dawn Pisturino

Love endures with memory
Through these lines of poetry

All Poems © 2023 Phil Perkins

PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from unsplash.com.

Ocean Parkway, by Spyro Gyra (1990)


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