Alley and Ladder

These photographs were taken in an alley located in the city of Knoxville, TN, featuring a tall fire escape ladder affixed to the side of a brick building. You can find a variety of prints available in my gallery at Pixels. Thanks for visiting!


13 responses to “Alley and Ladder”

  1. WOW Phil, I simply love the dimension and the architectural integrity of the angles you shot! 📸 How FANtabulous my friend! 🤗🏢🏤🏭😍

    1. I’m so glad you like it, my dear Poetess Kym 🍯 A chance encounter to enjoy this opportunity was a pleasant surprise, along my trek. Hoping your day was wonderful my friend! 🤗🏬🏩🏨😍

      1. Phil, you have a brilliant eye for capturing things we may typically overlook. That’s why you are the Poetic Master Photographer! 📸 Love your vibe my friend. 🤗🍯🥂💖🥰 It’s rainy and a little cooler than earlier this week, but it is still a productive day. I hope yours is amazingly FANtabulous!!! ✨🌞🌟

        1. You are most kind, my dear ~ TY🥂✨😘

  2. Great series and excellent POV!

    1. Thanks very much, my dear friend Inge! So glad you enjoy it, and I wish for you a pleasant night! 🌹😘

  3. Truly spectacular composition in your captures Phil!!! Lovely dimension and architecture.👏

    1. Many thanks, my dear Cindy ~ most kind of you to say! Wishing for you a great day, my friend! 💞🤗🌷

      1. You’re so welcome my friend and yes happy Fri-Yay!!! 💗

  4. Very nice picture!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks very much, my dear friend Blagica 🤗🤗🤗

      1. My pleasure 😊🤗

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