Upper Potter’s Falls

Prints available. Upper Potter’s Falls stands 18-feet tall and is located in Morgan County along Crooked Fork Creek, a tributary to Emory River, on the Cumberland Plateau, in Wartburg, Tennessee.

As visible in the video (above) and photograph (below), there’s a rope swing for folks to enjoy during warm weather. Also, the tree featured is practically flat – only a foot above the water at shore, and 8-feet at the edge of the falls. For purposes of recreation, one must climb on the tree (over the falls) in order to access the rope.

A Note About Waterfalls

Despite spending countless hours hiking around waterfalls, it never ceases to amaze me how much wind is generated from falling water. In addition to mist wafting into the air, oftentimes requiring ones camera-lens to be cleaned, there’s also a vacuum created near the waterfall.

This is most easily observed when (case in point) a rope swing is present: note in the video and 2nd photograph how the rope slants backward, toward the falls. This creates a false perception that a given photograph wasn’t level when shot, and appears most pronounced in views from the side of the waterfall.

Hence, if you were wondering why it is that I erased the rope swing from the header image, ponder no more.

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11 responses to “Upper Potter’s Falls”

    1. Thank you, dear Christine 🤗🌹

  1. Your work is wonderful, Phil! I hadn’t noticed that you removed the rope in the first photo. I think that waterfalls are energizing.

  2. Lovely work dear Phil! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s my pleasure, dear Inge, and I appreciate your kind words! 🤗🌹 TY 😘

  3. Wonderful video, Phil. Thanks for sharing.🌹❤

    1. I’m glad that you like it, dear Quế Trần ~ have a great day! 🤗🌹

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