Poems in Comment

Over the passed few years, I’ve published several poems on my web site. Many are written in response to creative writings posted by friends, and, therein, are commonly entitled Poem in Response, or, Poem for a Friend.

However, I also oftentimes include poetry in my comments on other sites, in response to various posts of friends which I’ve enjoyed reading. As such, and without further adieu, here are a few samples I’ve penned recently…

Title of Post With Link: “Holy Days of Unimagnamos on Spillwords Press
Poetess: Cindy Georakas

May with spring you sing
A song of harmony
As friendships blossom
So beautiful to see

Title of Post With Link: “The Gravitational Pull of Poetry
Poetess: Kym Gordon-Moore

Your poetry flows as the beauty of sound present in water cascading through a forest, which, when emerging from the trees to see the source, its movement washes over ones heart in a blanket of peaceful appreciation.

Title of Post With Link: “Closer to the Sun
Poetess: Michele Lee

Desert thermals did elevate
In poetic flight to appreciate

Title of Post With Link: “Interlude
Poetess: Holly Hunter

A dream in flight
– extreme delight
Each line your love shines through

It’s ecstasy
My dear Holly
This satin rendezvous

All Poems © 2023 Phil Perkins

PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from unsplash.com.

Babylon Sisters, by Steely Dan (1980) – see lyrics here.


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