Linear Lines of Light

With geometric imagery prevalent – light casting shadows, sequential steps, rectangular window panes, right angles, vertical handrail posts, a street crosswalk, etc. – choosing black and white to present this architectural space was a no-brainer.

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This fun poem of increasing syllables (4-5-6-7) and alliteration was written to accompany this black and white photography, shot from a stairwell one sunny day in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee…

With black and white
As the sun shined bright
I set my sight on flight
In linear lines of light

© 2023 Phil Perkins

Equinox, by John Coltrane (1964)


2 responses to “Linear Lines of Light”

  1. Beautiful capture and poem! Have a great new week dear Phil!

    1. Thanks so much, my dear Inge, and I wish for you the same my friend ~ have a great week! 🌹🤗🙏

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