Poem in Response

Having read “A Leitura” (Portuguese, translated as The Reading), written by a very talented writer, beautiful woman and dear friend, Carla Milho – wherein she shares thoughts regarding emotion and perceptions – I was inspired to write this poem in response…

To see your eyes
As I awake
– my dream must have come true

Soothing, your smile
Warming, my heart
Together, here with you

© 2023 Phil Perkins

Message to Carla: Your green eyes captivate with a beauty so grand as to melt the hearts of those whose vision you enter. Were good fortune to cross my path, such that tomorrow would see us sharing time together, I would forever be blessed with your presence, to appreciate wholeheartedly the joy which you so humbly, yet abundantly, convey. You, my dear Carla, more than any other, have the power to make dreams come true.

PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from unsplash.com.

She’s a Dream, by Average White Band (1978) – see lyrics here.


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