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Shots From the Trail

More specifically, shots from the trail to Spruce Flats Falls in the Smoky Mountains. It’s not a long hike, though the terrain is somewhat challenging with several changes in elevation. Nevertheless, the falls are beautiful so it’s definitely worth the effort! These photographs are available as prints in my gallery, so, if you’d like to decorate an empty wall in your home, office, business lobby, cafeteria or hospital setting, then do stop by and have a look around.


9 responses to “Shots From the Trail”

  1. nonsmokingladybug Avatar

    That’s a great hiking trail.

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks ~ glad you like it 🤗🌹

    1. Phil Avatar

      No, these were shot on February 6th during a morning hike, with comfortable temperatures between 40-50 degrees…warm enough to wear shorts! 🌞

  2. Blagica Avatar

    It’s so calming to be in nature and enjoy the beauty. I really appreciate that you give us the opportunity to share this experience through your pictures. Thank you very much Phil 💖

    1. Phil Avatar

      I would love to show you & your husband these places, if ever you’re in the area. Thanks for your nice comments, my dear 🙏🙂

      1. Blagica Avatar

        We’ll be happy to see and enjoy that. Thank you my dear friend Phil 🙏🤗

        1. Phil Avatar

          You’re always welcome, dear Blagica 🙏🤗

          1. Blagica Avatar

            I am very pleased 😊

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