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The Year 2023

It’s a new year filled with great potential and promise. And, merchandise. You can discover a plethora of fine prints, gifts and apparel items to enjoy when you visit the following shops…

I hope to see you soon! And, remember to stop by before December 31st – after that, what’s the point?


4 responses to “The Year 2023”

  1. Robin King Avatar

    I love these 3D pieces you make, Phil! It’s a beauty! 👏♥️👏

    1. Phil Avatar

      So glad you like it, dear Robin ~ thanks a lot! 🤗🌹

  2. junymond Avatar

    What a wonderful 2023😍 I hope the year will be as beautiful as your picture

    1. Phil Avatar

      You are a dear, Nicole ~ thanks very much my friend! 🤗🌹

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