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Burgeoning accounts of unsecured classified documents connected to President Joseph Biden – as well as during his tenure as Vice President, and Senator – are both in the news and under Congressional investigation. And, now in a poem…

After secrets spilled you sought to douse the light
To change the day to night
Documents covered-up

Now that truth is known, you hide at home afraid
Each knock feels like a raid
Questions keep piling up

   Stop your lyin', Biden
   It's all so plain to see
   Every time you act dishonestly

Move your Vette to get the boxes from behind
You must think that we're blind
- this ain't no honeymoon

Just sit still and let the officers proceed
You've got more than you need
Hard times are coming soon

   Classified, you're hidin'
   Nobody trusts you now 
   Playing both sides, Ukraine and Moscow 

© 2023 Phil Perkins

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