Rolling Rapids

Photographed in the Tremont section of the Smoky Mountains, this shot captures the point at which Thunderhead Prong merges with Lynn Camp Prong, to become Middle Prong Little River. It would look great on a wall in your home, and many prints are available in my galleries at Pixels, Redbubble and ArtPal. Thank you!


23 responses to “Rolling Rapids”

  1. Beautiful, flowing water in a lovely forest – 👏♥️👏

    1. Thank you, my friend & Happy New Year! 🤗

      1. You, too, Phil! ((happyhugs)) 🥰

  2. That’s a great picture. Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks & Happy New Year 🙂

  3. Gorgeous!!! Happy New Year!! 🥰🍾🥂🎊💫💕

    1. Thanks so much, dear Ylenia. I’m glad you like it ~ Happy New Year! 🥳🥂✨😘

      1. Thank you infinitely from my heart Dear!! 🥰🤗🍾🥂🎊💕💖🌟

        1. You’re a sweetheart, Ylenia ~ thanks so much, my friend! 🍯🤗💕

          1. 🥰😘🙏🌹💕❤️

            1. Sending you a 😘 for good luck 🍀 dear Ylenia ~ thank you ❣️

              1. Thank you infinitely from my heart dear friend! 😍🤗😘🌹💖💕🥰❤️🍀

    1. Thank you, dear Luisa ~ Happy New Year ❣️

  4. Happy New Year Phil 🥳

    1. Thank you, dear Ranjana ~ Happy New Year! 🤗🌹

    1. Thank you, dear Alisen ~ much appreciated! Wishing you a wonderful 2023 🤗🌹

  5. Beautiful capture and work dear Phil! ❤️

    1. You are most kind, my dear friend Inge, and I appreciate your comments ~ thank you! Wishing for you a happy new year filled with peace, joy, good health & prosperity! ❤️

  6. Hi Phil, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your photos are great! And, I love today’s poem. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you so much, dear Rosana. I’m glad, and wish for you the same ~ Happy New Year! 🤗🌹

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