Poem in Response

After reading “Golden Pink Gone“, written by the talented and lovely Arizonian poetess, Michele Lee – wherein her happiness stems from an admiration of beauty and peacefulness (rather than the frivolous), sharing photographs of local sights – I was inspired to write this poem…

The time you take to share
With steady gait, to reminisce
A beauty that’s alive
Your town, in hues of golden bliss

© 2022 Phil Perkins

PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from unsplash.com.

Transcendance by Santana (1977) – see lyrics here.


8 responses to “Poem in Response”

  1. Mooi gedicht als antwoord ! Fijn weekend beste Phil! 👌👍🌹

    1. Je bent een lieverd, lieve Inge! Heel erg bedankt mijn vriend ~ Ik waardeer je vriendelijke woorden altijd en wens je ook een geweldig weekend! 🌹🌹🤗🙏🙏

  2. Oh what a beautiful poem in response Phil. Michele’s experiences are indeed inspirational for sure. Have a lovely weekend my friend. 🌞🥂😘🍯😍

    1. Thanks so much, dear Kym! 🍯 I’m glad you like my poem, and wish for you the same my friend! 😍

      1. My pleasure my Poetic Master Photographer! 😍💖🤗💞🥰

    1. Thanks very much, dear Filipa 😙🌹

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