Phil Perkins Photography

Waves on the Big Lake

This vintage photograph featuring Lake Superior was taken along the rugged shores of Presque Isle in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in the city of Marquette. Today, you can find a variety of prints available in my gallery to adorn an empty wall in your domicile or workplace.

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23 responses to “Waves on the Big Lake”

  1. Inge David Avatar

    Beautiful! and lovely work dear Phil! 👌👍🌹

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks very much dear Inge! I hope you are doing well and appreciate your kind words! 🌹🌹🤗🙏🙏

  2. John Avatar

    A beautiful photo of my home state!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks John 👍

  3. Kym Gordon Moore Avatar

    This photo is so tranquil and fluid. Beautiful shot Phil. 🌊📸🌄

    1. Phil Avatar

      You are most kind & I’m glad that you like it! Thank you, Kym 🍯

      1. Kym Gordon Moore Avatar

        You are so very welcome Phil my dear friend. Cheers! 🍹🥂🍸

        1. Phil Avatar

          Cheers, dear Kym 🥂🥳✨

  4. Blagica Avatar

    A beautiful photo!!!!!!!!!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks so much, my dear friend Blagica!!!

  5. Shobana Gomes Avatar

    Used to live by the sea, This shot brought back beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Phil Avatar

      I’m so glad to hear that, dear Shobana. I also thank you for sharing, and wish for you a great Friday 🤗🌹

      1. Shobana Gomes Avatar

        You too, have a great Friday, Phil.

  6. Lincol Martín Avatar

    Beautiful photography of Lake Superior. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks Lincol 👍

  7. Cindy Georgakas Avatar

    Wow what gorgeous captures Phil with the waves and the rocks! 🌊

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks so much, dear Cindy ~ have a great Friday 🤗🌹

      1. Cindy Georgakas Avatar

        You’re so welcome dear Phil and you do the same!! ❤️

        1. Phil Avatar

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