Waves on Lake Superior

This vintage coastal beach photograph was taken in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, north of Marquette, near Little Presque Isle. You can find great prints and more available in my galleries at Pixels and Redbubble – thanks for stopping by!


11 responses to “Waves on Lake Superior”

  1. Prachtig zeelandschap met een mooie inlijsting! Fijne zondag Phil! 👌👍🌹

    1. Heel erg bedankt, mijn liefste! Ik stel uw bezoeken en opmerkingen altijd op prijs en dank u voor uw vriendelijke wensen. Fijne zondag mijn vriendin Inge! 🌹🌹🤗🙏🙏

  2. 👌👌👌📷🖼️🙂

  3. Whoa, how beautiful and tranquil. 🌅 Wish I was standing on the shore right now, allowing my toes to curl up in that rich, warm sand. Nice my Poetic Master Photographer! 😎📸🤗

    1. A very peaceful spot, indeed. 🌅 So glad you like it, my dear friend Kym ~ wishing you a wonderful week ahead! 🤗🌹

      1. Oh Phil, and the same to you too Master Photographer. You help us to escape to a moment and place of “what ifs?” Thank you! 😘💐🥰🌟🌞

          1. My pleasure Phil! 😍💖😊

    1. Thank you, dear Louise 🤗

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