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Step by Step

Terraced ledges channel flowing water from the 75-foot tall Cummins Falls. Located on the Blackburn Fork River in Cookeville, Tennessee, you can enjoy this natural setting in a frame on a wall when you visit these shops: Pixels, Redbubble and/or ArtFlakes. Thanks for stopping by!


14 responses to “Step by Step”

  1. Robin King Avatar

    Oooo…GORGEOUS waterfall! It’s fascinating and lovely, Phil! Standing in front of it – was that like being in front of an orchestra of water? If I’d been there I think I would’ve tried to conduct it…sing with it…what an extraordinary image this is! 👏👏🎶👏👏….🥰

    1. Phil Avatar

      Many thanks dear Robin! I was standing in ankle-deep water to take this photo, on a very broad ledge. Beyond the edge were more terraces, as seen. The gorge is mammoth and, indeed, the sound resonates. Have a great day! 🤗🌹

      1. Robin King Avatar

        WOW! Thank you for sharing it! This is the kind of thing that many people (including me) will never see in person. 🤗

  2. northerndesert Avatar

    Wow! That is gorgeous. 🙂

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks very much, dear Alison ~ I’m glad you like it! Yes, I agree…Cummins Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area, and the terraced ledges are wonderful. Have a great day! 🙂

  3. Kym Gordon Moore Avatar

    WOW Phil, this looks like an amphitheater of applauding water! So refreshing, even on a chilly day!!! 🤩🌅📸🌄🥰

    1. Phil Avatar

      Spot on, dear Kym ~ I’m glad you enjoy it, and your “amphitheater” description is a good fit. Thank you, my friend & I wish you a splendid day! 🤗🌹

      1. Kym Gordon Moore Avatar

        You are so very welcome my dear Phil. You always manage to challenge my imagination through your fabulous shots! 🤩📸😍💖🤗 Cheers!!! 🍷🍾🥂

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks very much dear Inge!

  4. Andy L Avatar

    That is one awesome waterfall. Great picture!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks Andy 👍

  5. Blagica Avatar

    Very nice waterfall. Awesome picture!!!!!!!!

    1. Phil Avatar

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