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Passage to the Stars

Paddle your canoe through the reflections of starlight, across rippling waters and between tall walls of a blue canyon. There you will find your way to the stars, into tomorrow.

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12 responses to “Passage to the Stars”

  1. Vanya Wryter Consulting Avatar

    Wow. I want to know what lies beyond the end of the canyon.

    1. Phil Avatar

      You and me both, dear Vanya ⭐⭐ Glad you like it 🤗🌹

  2. Inge David Avatar

    Net een schilderij! Mooie foto!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Ja, heel erg bedankt lieve vriendin Inge!

  3. thomasstigwikman Avatar

    Wow that is a really cool image.

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks Thomas 👍

  4. partyepartenze Avatar

    Beautiful picture! I really like it very much! Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Phil Avatar

      I’m glad you like it ~ thanks so much, dear Paola 🙂

  5. BACCO LU Avatar

    Unbelievable!! Too much fear enter in canyon like that!! 🙂

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks Bacco 👍

  6. Carolyn Kaiser Harmon Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful, Phil❤️

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thank you, dear Carolyn ~ much appreciated ❤️

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