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Lost in Space

Recently, I was combing through shag carpet while looking for a contact lens that I’d lost, and discovered planet Earth stuck in the fibers. Haha, I’m just joshing…I don’t wear contacts. But you can see some really cool merchandise featuring my design, when you visit the following shops:


11 responses to “Lost in Space”

  1. junymond Avatar

    We are lost🙈😱🤗👍

    1. Phil Avatar

      haha ⭐👽🛸 TY dear Nicole 🤗

  2. Kym Gordon Moore Avatar

    Oh you are toooo funny Phil. 🤣😜😂 I love the way you have earth flanked by towering aliens. Whoa! 🌍🛸

    1. Phil Avatar

      😂 Thank you dear Kym ~ much appreciated! ⭐👽😁

  3. Blagica Avatar

    You hid our beautiful earth, that can’t happen to us badly anymore 😊💖
    Wonderful photo Phil!!!!!

    1. Phil Avatar

      So glad you like it, Blagica ~ TY 😊💖

  4. partyepartenze Avatar

    Beautiful image with a very deep meaning. I really like.

    1. Phil Avatar

      Sono felice che ti piaccia, cara Paola. Grazie amico mio e ti auguro una splendida giornata! 🤗🌹

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thank you 👍

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