Cades Cove

Here’s a photograph taken while on my recent visit to Cades Cove. It shows a southern view, facing away from the Smoky Mountains in the direction to which the peaks taper off.

Bears are popular here, and I had the pleasure of seeing four cubs. One was in the woods near the road, and quickly ran deeper into the forest. The other three were high in a tree, barely visible as obscured by the foliage, though commanding the attention of a small crowd of 20 cars and passengers, below. Bears are very good climbers and one cub was at the top of the tree, approx. 60-feet in the air, causing the tree to sway quite a bit.

You can see more in my gallery – thanks!


5 responses to “Cades Cove”

  1. Beautiful capture! and wonderful landscape! Have a wonderful day dear Phil! 👌👍🌹

    1. Thanks very much, dear Inge ~ I always enjoy your visit and wish for you a wonderful day, too 🌹🤗

  2. WOW, how awesome. How far away or should I say how close were you to those bears Phil? Fascinating but for me…frightening! 😲🐻😉

    1. Yes, one should always remember that where there are bear cubs…a larger, mother bear is usually present and watching. The closest cub I saw was probably 25-feet from the (15 mph) road. 🐻 Most often (but not always), more mature bears stay clear – thankfully. Have a great day, dear Kym! 🍯

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