Whether to an exotic tropical island with beachfront palm trees and golden sunset glowing across an oceanic horizon, mountain highlands with green hillsides and expansive vistas of distant snowy peaks, or anywhere in between, it’s all about travel and ones sense of adventure. Have a good trip, and discover some cool gifts and apparel in these shops:


10 responses to “Travel”

    1. Thank you my dear friend Inge! I appreciate your visit, as always, and wish for you a happy Friday! 😘

      1. Many thanks! Have a wonderful day too! ❤️

  1. WOW Phil, this looks like a postcard or should go on a T-shirt. Love the brilliant colors my friend! You always do some outside-the-box creations! Happy Friday my Poetic Master Photographer! 😍📷🥰🌺😊🦋🤗

    1. Thanks very much, dear Kym! Yes, you called it – this travel design is somewhat of a trip (pun), haha. I’m glad you like it, my friend, and wish for you a Happy Friday 🌺 xoxoxo

      1. How awesome my friend. I am wishing you a lovely and adventurous weekend Phil. 😊 But, I don’t think I need to tell you that twice! LOL Cheers! 🍹🥂🍸

        1. 😂 Cheers my dear! 🥳🥂😙🌹

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