Shots from the Trail

More specifically, shots from the Point Trail. These photographs were taken on a recent hike. You can see more pictures from this trail, and also review prints available through my gallery. Thanks for visiting!


22 responses to “Shots from the Trail”

    1. Thanks, dear Lisa ~ much appreciated! 🌞🌹

  1. God’s creation is so beautiful. You capture it well!😃❤️

    1. Yes, indeed. Thank you, dear Tonya 🤗🌹

  2. Oh wow Phil, you find some of the most interesting paths to hike on. 🏔🏞🛣 Love these shots my friend! 📷🌳😎

    1. Thanks so much, sweet Kym 🍯 The weather turned good, as did the hike. I hope you’re having a great day, my dear 😙🌹

      1. Awesome Phil. I am having a productive day and hope that you are too my friend. Thank you so much for always being so sweet and kind. Hugs and smooches! 🤗💖😘😍💋🥰🦋

        1. Back atcha, dear Kym 🤗😘✨ TY

  3. whoa whoa whoa Phil.. an octopus path..😂💖 love these!

    1. hahaha Yes, that is a good description, dear Cindy ~ thank you my friend & have a great day 💖

  4. Lovely scenic shot Phil! Beautiful 🌹

    1. Thank you, lovely Holly ~ have a splendid evening 🌹

      1. I hope you’ve had a wonderful day Phil! 🌹

        1. It just got better 😉 TY dear Holly ~ you, too 🌹

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