Shoutout to a Friend

Creativity may be expressed in content which is cultivated, or that which is spontaneous, including through conversation…as follows.

Flashback September 25, 2021

I had just finished reading “Heart Beats on a City Street“, written by Michele Lee – a lovely author and poetess hailing from the Sonoran Desert of Arizona – when I saw a picture of her taking a photograph at night in the city.

Having observed images posted on her site, Michele looks wonderful wearing blue jeans! I alluded to such in my comments responding to her cited writing, above, to which she noted, “Maybe Levi’s will endorse my site.”

Her remark inspired me to write this storyline for a hypothetical Levi Strauss blue jeans commercial, subsequently pitched to the company:

Imagine…it’s nighttime on a poorly lit street, with a steady pulse of background sounds from the city and steam wafting from manhole covers. The camera pans left, stopping to focus on the shadowy silhouette of a beautiful blonde woman wearing a cowgirl hat and boots, black top, and, yes, a pair of well-fitting Levi’s. She slowly saunters forward under a dim streetlight, when suddenly – the crashing sound of a metal trash can lid hitting the pavement! She makes a quick quarter-turn, drawing her DSLR camera as if it were a gun from a holster, and snaps a shot of a cat racing away with fish bones clenched in its teeth. The camera zooms in for a close-up scene of her face, as she remarks, “Here’s looking at you, cat”. She raises her camera, winks to the TV camera, and, resembling a gun having been fired, blows the smoke away from her lens. Then, Levi’s runs their slogan on-screen, perhaps in conjunction with the camera maker.

© 2021 Phil Perkins

PHOTO CREDIT: modified photos from – jeans & street (Phoenix sidewalk at night).


4 responses to “Shoutout to a Friend”

  1. Beautiful photo! ( Ik begrijp de translator niet goed, ) sorry!
    Happy new week ! 👌👍🌹

    1. Is OK. Het is een denkbeeldig verhaal waarvan ik dacht dat het een goede commerciële reclame zou zijn voor tv, voor het Levi Strauss-blauwe jeansbedrijf. Happy new week, dear Inge! 🤗🌹

  2. You should be writing commercials Phil!

    1. I think it would play well, thank you dear Louise 🙏🏻😊

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