Fallen Tree

If a tree falls in the woods and there’s no one to hear it, does it make a sale? Shh…I’m listening, haha. You can see more in my gallery, thanks!


25 responses to “Fallen Tree”

    1. TY dear Mây 🤗🌹

  1. Oh no, not the falling tree making a “sale!” 🤣😆😂 I love it Phil. You are too much my friend. In your case, let’s hope so!!! 🌳🌴🌲 Cha-ching 💲💰💲

    1. 🤣😆😂 Thanks for sharing a laugh with me, dear Kym ~ have a great day 😙🌹

      1. Keep smiling, keep shining, my dear Phil. Enjoy the rest of your week! 😍🥂😉

  2. The green of the leaves comes through the photo so beautifully!

  3. I am not getting any notification of your new post.

    1. Thank you for letting me know…not sure why?

  4. Hahaha! I hope so, Phil! 😉

    1. 😂 TY dear Tiffany 😎

  5. Nice picture!!!!! A treat for the eyes 😍

    1. Thanks so much, dear Balle 🙏🏻😊

  6. hahahah good one Phil! Gorgeous picture my friend.. wildy fantastic! Well, how many have you sold?💖

    1. 😂 Thank you dear Cindy 😉 Only recently uploaded, I’m still listening. Oh, wait. I think I hear a…no, that was just an owl 🦉 Have a great day my friend! 💖

      1. Oh how fun.. you make me laugh
        ! 💖💖

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