Rushing Water

I thought that this photograph captured well the flow of rushing water. It was taken along Thunderhead Prong in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, in the Tremont section. I suspect it would show well on a wall in your home or office, so stop by my galleries and see what you can see.


16 responses to “Rushing Water”

    1. I’m glad you like it, dear Bonnie ~ thanks! 🤗🌹

  1. Amazing rushing water you catch it✨️

    1. Thank you, dear Mây ~ glad you like it 🤗🌹

  2. I feel like I’m there Phil… nicely done!

    1. A simple spot along a creek in the forest to refresh ones spirit and relax…I feel you Cindy ~ TY 💖

      1. Exactly what I felt Phil and appreciate the moment of respite. 💖

        1. 😎 Have a great day, my friend 😘

          1. Thanks Phil and you do the same! 💖💖

            1. Will do, Cindy ~ thanks! 💖💖

  3. Wonderful work! Have a great day dear Phil!

    1. Thank you dear Inge ~ wishing you the same! 🤗🌹

  4. I have no words. Your photos are always beautiful 😍

    1. You are as sweet as your watermelon jam, my friend ~ TY 😇

      1. Thank you my dear 😊🤗

        1. You’re most welcome ~ it’s the truth! 😊🤗

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