Upper Piney Falls

Here’s another view of Upper Piney Falls, an 80-foot waterfall located in Grandview, Tennessee, at the Piney Falls State Natural Area. Following recent rainfall, every surface within the gorge was wet, including this steep hillside of lush foliage.

If you’re interested in a print, several print types – and other items, too – are available in my galleries and Pixels and Redbubble. I appreciate your visit…thanks for stopping by!


2 responses to “Upper Piney Falls”

  1. So beautiful!!! Lovely work! Have a great day dear Phil! 👌👍🌹

    1. Thanks very much, my dear friend Inge! Recent rainfall bolstered the flow of water, which cast mist into the air and generated a strong wind in the gorge. It was beautiful, and I’m glad you enjoy it. Wishing for you a great day, too 🤗🌹😙

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