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Sands of Time

Around the lake on winds of change
The sands of time did rearrange
To shift terrain along the shore
Resculpting landscapes to explore

© 2022 Phil Perkins

One of the early lessons I learned as a child growing up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, in the city of Marquette on Lake Superior, was the enormous power of Mother Nature. Though some geographical locations remain relatively unchanged over time, the shorelines of my youth were renewed with each major storm — altering beaches and sandbars, as well as gigantic boulders washing up on to the harbor breakwall.

This vintage photograph highlights the shores of Gitche Gumee to the northwest of Marquette, near Little Presque Isle. If interested, it’s available on a variety of prints and other items in my galleries at Pixels, Redbubble and ArtPal.

Enjoy the great outdoors!


24 responses to “Poem”

  1. vermavkv Avatar
    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks Vijay 👍

  2. Saima.SK Avatar

    Wow, nice poetic verse, Phil 👍🙂 and loved the photo 💕 Look at the sky and water, as if they are mirroring/imitating each other 😃

    1. Phil Avatar

      So kind of you to say, dear Saima ~ thanks, and have a great weekend 🤗🌹

      1. Saima.SK Avatar

        Thanks, you too 🙂

  3. Inge David Avatar

    Beautiful poem! Have a great weekend dear Phil!

    1. Phil Avatar

      Thanks very much, dear Inge! I’m glad that you like my poem, and wish for you a wonderful weekend my friend! 🤗🌹

  4. Lisa Avatar


    1. Phil Avatar

      TY dear Lisa ~ much appreciated 🤗🌹

  5. Travel Spirit Avatar

    I’m thinking of planning a week-long trip to Michigan. I would be driving on I-75. Your photo is beautiful…if I had Marquette on my list, where else would you recommend stopping for a night or two, maybe two other destinations.

    1. Phil Avatar

      Good morning, Sherry 🌞 Right on, that’s sounds like a great adventure! Given your route along I-75, its only 40 miles to Traverse City (Lake Michigan, Sleeping Bear sand dunes, Torch Lake). You could option north through nearby Charlevoix and Petoskey, to cross Mackinac Bridge. In the Upper Peninsula, continue along US-2 and Munising is lovely – waterfalls (Munising, Laughing Whitefish), Castle Rock, Pictured Rocks and Grand Marias has a forest of birch trees. Marquette has lots to enjoy – Sugarloaf Mountain, Dead River, Presque Isle, Little Presque Isle, Mt. Marquette…natural beauty abounds 🤗🍀

      1. Travel Spirit Avatar

        Thank you so much! I’ll start researching.

        1. Phil Avatar

          My pleasure, Sherry 😎

  6. Kristallina Avatar

    I like your poem very much and agree. Nature is fantastic and fascinating, always! Wish you a nice new week, dear Phil 🤗

    1. Phil Avatar

      That’s sweet of you to say ~ thanks very much! Also wishing for you a nice new week ahead, dear Kristallina 🤗🌹

  7. Robin King Avatar

    Please excuse the shouting but I LOVE THIS!!!! The poem! wonderful words & imagery. The image!! You’ve conveyed the extraordinary power of nature!! 👏♥️👏♥️👏

    1. Phil Avatar

      Oh my, that was loud! 📣 Thanks very much, dear Robin ~ I’m so glad you liked my poem and picture! You are most kind 🤗🌹

  8. Cindy Georgakas Avatar

    I love your poem Phil with the beautiful rocks rearranging themselves for beauty and our senses. Divine! 💖💖

    1. Phil Avatar

      You’re sweet, dear Cindy, and I appreciate your kind words ~ thanks very much! 😙🌹

      1. Cindy Georgakas Avatar

        Oh I’m glad and you’re so welcome Dear Phil.. always. 💖💖🌟🌟

        1. Phil Avatar


  9. Carolyn Kaiser Harmon Avatar

    Phil, thank you for this sweet tribute to Mother Nature. ❤️

    1. Phil Avatar

      TY sweet Carolyn ~ much appreciated! Wishing for you a great new week ahead 🤗🌹

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