A Few Site Changes


Following my post entitled Revised Portfolio Design, I’ve once again modified my portfolio category pages, each now utilizing the Masonry Block. This provides a cleaner and more uniform display per category, but does require that each page be manually (not automatically) updated.


Following contact with support staff at WordPress, I added custom CSS to set my primary menu in a fixed position (on desktop viewing), instead of scrolling – similar to a sticky post. Now, it’s always visible for quick access.


Next, I changed the color of my site header, which contains the (now) sticky menu, using a #F6F4EF hexadecimal color to differentiate from the #FFFFFF (white) body. Also, to save space, I used CSS to reduce the header height.


Having modified the header, I then added spacer blocks to the top of various pages, and also through Full Site Editing into the Archive template. This was done to correct for titles appearing too close to the newly delineated header.


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