A Clip of Comedy

Regarding lawn care, homeowners commonly experience procrastination. And that’s understandable, after all, as hours on the weekend represent more valuable time. By the same token, it’s also true that most people are happier with the appearance of well cared for yards.

So, I’ve come up with a nifty solution for this dilemma by inventing a new product, which combines the technology of a metal detector with a weed whipper. This way, I can keep my lawn looking good and at the same time make some spare change on the side!

© 2022 Phil Perkins

PHOTO CREDIT: modified photo from pexels.com.


12 responses to “A Clip of Comedy”

  1. Nice picture and description! Have a nice day, Phil!👌👍🌹

    1. Thanks very much, dear Inge ~ have a great Tuesday! 🌹🤗

  2. Haaaaaaaa!!! Terrific idea!! 😂 And a very cool image!🥰👋

    1. Thanks for laughing with me, dear Robin! 🤗 I came up with this joke in the mid-1990’s and have been telling it ever since. On the whole – and, to my bewilderment?! – the collective response in laughs has been less than expected… 😂🤣🤪

      1. Even the title made me laugh after I read the post! Cutting edge humor! 😂 …. 🥰

        1. 😂 Yes, cutting edge humor ✅

  3. A brilliant idea! I would also mow the neighbor’s lawn without being asked. 😂

    1. 😂 That’s a witty point & makes good cents/sense! 😉 TY dear Kristallina ~ have a great day! 😙

  4. LOL! Talented, funny, and inventive, you are the whole package Phil! 😂

    1. You are most kind, dear Tiffany ~ I appreciate your comment & thank you! 🙏🏻😊

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